Data analysis courses

You will learn the tools and processes of data analysis and machine learning used by professionals in the sector. Includes SQL, R, Python and the main machine learning algorithms.

Our data analysis courses

Personalized and flexible.

Data analytics and machine learning course

480 hours.

3 months full time or

6 months part-time

This course is designed for people with technical and business experience and places them at a magnificent level of knowledge to apply it to their current job or to start a career as a Data Analyst.

Practical and personalized learning course. You will develop, together with your personal mentor, three complete projects. You will learn to program in Python, R and SQL and to handle and manipulate large and complex data structures. You will reach a high level in creating analytical models with the use of the main Machine Learning algorithms.

Data Science and deep Learning course

600 hours.

4 months full time or

8 months part-time

This is an advanced course for people with a STEM background who want a technical career in data science.

You will learn Python, delving into the fundamentals, syntax, and data manipulation techniques. Modeling and machine learning with tools such as Class rebalancing, Scaling and Dummifying. And advanced techniques such as Cross-validation and Hyperparameter tuning. You will acquire solid fundamentals in R, addressing syntax and advanced modeling techniques such as Multiple Regression and Random Forest.

You will learn to analyze Time Series in R and perfect forecasting techniques. You will expand your technical knowledge with Bagging, waterfall models and complexity reduction techniques such as PCA. You will apply regularization techniques (L1 and L2) to avoid overfitting and discover the secrets of Stacking and Voting to take your models to the next level.

Business Analytics and Power BI Course

480 hours.

3 months full time or

6 months part-time

This course is designed for those people with little technical background who want to get started in the world of data analysis.

This is a practical and personalised learning course with the help of the mentor, in which you will develop three complete projects. You will learn to program in Python and SQL and to manage and manipulate data structures (data sets). In the third module you will learn the advanced use of the Power BI tool that is in high demand in the market.

The Power BI module provides high employability in the current job market and the knowledge of Python, SQL and machime learning places our students at an advanced level within the Business Intelligence profession.

We accompany you in your digital transformation

Our Data Analysis Courses are designed to help our students develop digital skills that allow them to access new and better qualified jobs. Our courses are different from any other you can find on the market. Ubiqum courses differ in:

Organized around highly structured projects, which reflect and simulate real professional life, already defined by our product development team, our students never spend long hours passively listening to a teacher explaining what to do. Our students DO, practice and learn during all the hours of the course. In a highly structured work environment and with the continuous support of a personal mentor that accompanies them throughout the learning process.

Each student is assigned a personal mentor and his own work plan. The work plan includes the projects, start and end dates, and delivery dates for each of the tasks, as well as the meeting's schedule with your personal mentor. We estimate a workload of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday for full-time courses, and three hours a day for part-time students who combine the course with their work.

You can start the course at any time you decide. Without waiting for a cohort to start with 15 or 20 people with a single teacher for all. You'll have your own work plan with your personal teacher and your own schedules.

Each student can organize their schedules at your best convenience as long as you comply with the planned dedication times, delivery dates and personal meetings with the mentor.

A student can go from full time to part time schedule and vice versa just by requesting it.

Students who have a personal or professional problem during the course can easily request a temporary leave and resume the course later.

The course can be taken in parts, module by module, adapting the content to the personal and professional needs of each student.

End date is flexible. Students who progress more slowly and need more time to complete may extend the completion deadline in agreement with their personal mentor.

We offer you 2 weeks of FREE TRIAL in our Data Analysis Courses

Does it sound good to you? Is this what you are looking for to accelerate or transform your career? We do not ask you for an act of faith. We offer you two weeks of FREE TRIAL so that you have a first-hand experience before committing to formal registration and payment for the course. ¡Your training as a specialist in Data Analytics & Machine Learning begins here!


Why learn data analytics: Boost your career

Stand out in your professional field: Whether you are in the area of ​​finance, engineering, marketing, sales... in an increasingly competitive market, having skills in Data Analytics will differentiate you from your peers and substantially improve your professional career options.

Improvement in Decision Making: With knowledge in Data Analytics, you will be able to make decisions based on data, with total security and confidence, and it will give you access to Top Management.

Applicable to all Industries: Data Analytics skills are highly transferable and applicable in a variety of industries, from technology to healthcare, finance, marketing and many more increasing your employability.

Join the Digital Revolution: Learning Data Analytics not only makes you valuable and relevant in an ever-changing business world, but puts you ahead of the wave in this exciting era of digital transformation.

Boost your career with Data Analytics and lead the way to success in your industry! Your career advancement is just one step away. Launch your career in Data Science and Machine Learning in just 12 weeks!


Beyond the traditional bootcamp

Learn Data Analysis and Machine Learning with our successful methodology.

Since 2016, when we started our first course, we have experienced notable evolution. We went from a conventional bootcamp format with groups of 15 to 20 people progressing together during the course, to a more flexible and personalized model. Our goal is to adjust to the time availability of our students, providing a personalized mentoring service.

Our methodology is centered on real-world, very structured projects, designed to simulate the challenges professionals encounter in the business and corporate realm. This approach is further bolstered by the support and guidance from a dedicated personal mentor, coupled with the flexibility embedded within our program schedules.


  • The intensity. Short and very intense courses to advance quickly.
  • Focus. Very concrete and specific content from the point of view of what the market asks for.


  • Personalization.We assign a personal mentor throughout the course. One to one. 
  • Flexibility. Schedules and dedication based on the student's needs.
  • Practical and professional content (little theory, a lot of real professional practice)


  • The fixed schedules equal for all
  • A teacher for many students at the same time
  • Rigid start and end dates.

frequent questions

Ubiqum's methodology, 100% practical, based on projects, makes the course perfectly doable online. Students should never spend long hours listening to a teacher giving tedious theoretical lectures.

Online option.

If the student has a physical environment (at home or at work) that allows them to work comfortably and without interruptions and has experience in remote work, they can perfectly take the online course, making the most of the flexible schedules we offer.

For part-time students who combine their professional work with the course, The online option is ideal since it saves commuting time that they can dedicate to the course or to their family.

On-campus option.

The on-campus option is suitable for people who want to take the course full-time, live near or in the city of Barcelona and who do not have a suitable work environment to dedicate 8 hours a day of work on the course.

Any questions will be resolved with the two-week free trial we offer. So that direct experience of the course allows you to make the appropriate decision.

View: The Ubiqum methodology

At Ubiqum we offer two alternative professional paths depending on the candidate's academic and professional training:

Technical profile

For those people with a solid technical base and knowledge in statistics and probability calculation, the course is oriented towards Data Science and Machine Learning with the option of Deep Learning.

Business profile.

For those people with a less technically solid foundation, the option we offer is towards Business Intelligence and Power BI. With greater emphasis on data visualization and presentation.

Therefore, anyone can access the course and complete it successfully if they choose the appropriate itinerary.

Our career advisors will guide you on your profile and the appropriate itinerary, and the flexibility we offer will allow you to change your itinerary if you request it, without problem and at no cost.

Remember that the two-week free trial is a formula to make a very informed decision about enrolling in the course.

In the course you learn how to use Python, R and SQL. You will work as well with the main Machine Learning algorithms to create models. and with the main data analysis processes in a practical way. For more details visit the page What am I going to learn in the Data Analytics course?

At Ubiqum we offer three alternatives, from least to greatest technical complexity, that the student can choose based on their academic training, professional experience and future career plan.

Business analytics and Power BI (480 hours)

Data Analytics and Machine learning (480 hours)

Data Science and Deep Learning (600 hours)

All courses are practical, flexible and with personal support from a mentor.

Our career advisors will guide you on the course that best suits your profile and your future career plans.

All Ubiqum modules are projects that the student will execute with the support of the mentor. Therefore, Ubiqum students have practical experience in 3, 4 or 5 complex projects, depending on the course chosen, and have all their work uploaded to a github account. Therefore, the final project is optional. The student can choose a project and develop it with the support of the mentor, but it is not a requirement to obtain the final certificate or search for employment.

The main support our students receive is the dedication of a personal mentor, in one-on-one sessions. The mentor will ensure that you follow the objective learning pace of the course, will adapt to your pace and personal interests and will give you additional resources to those already included in the course, if you need them.

Towards the end of the course you will have the support of a career advisor who will help you in the job search and landing process. It will help you:

  • Prepare your CV using the enhanceCV tool.
  • Improve your LinkedIn profile.
  • Prepare your personal pitch.
  • Train yourself in personal interviews.
  • Train yourself in technical interviews.

Progress is evaluated on an ongoing basis. As these are projects with tangible deliverables, each delivery involves an evaluation of progress and this happens a couple of times a week. The student is always aware of his progress and learning from it.

At the end of the course, the student receives a digital certificate (blockchain), which you can print and upload to your social media profiles.

Since 2016, more than 1.100 students have found employment in leading companies

How to achieve a successful professional transition?

"Boosting My Career" is the job search program, included in the course, with which we help our students start their new digital career. Ubiqum courses provide deep and lasting learning that we complete with the activities necessary to access your new job.

Our work isn't over until you start yours.

Prepare an updated CV

Optimize your linkedin profile

Develop your personal speech

Prepare for the in-person interview

Prepare technical evaluations

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