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Data Analytics and Machine Learning is the problem-solving methodology of both today and tomorrow. Many digital experts today predict it as the highest growth field in tech. Take a look at the current number of open positions in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Berlin

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By learning the complex skills of data analysis, you can go down a number of paths. Whether you'd like to be a data scientist, data architect, or data engineer, you can expect to be well compensated with a highly competitive salary

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Some of the world’s most renowned companies currently employ graduates of Ubiqum’s Data Analytics program:

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I liked the idea of ​​learning how to analyse large amounts of data and use specific tools such as WEKA or the programming language of R.
Neus Montserrat
Data Analysts at Sogeti

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Complex projects that demand deep thinking and analysis

Create predictive models for customer behavior, determine how to design a wifi tracking system in GPS dead zones...these are just a few of the cutting-edge projects you will work on at Ubiqum. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to design your own final projects. Click on the cards to learn more about some student projects:

"Are Barcelona Pedestrians Safe?"

Joan Manuel Lopez

Joan Manuel correlated population density in various global cities to pedestrian accidents to determine whether Barcelona is a safe city to walk in and what changes might make it more safe.

"Predicting the profitability of new products"

Vera Giulia Sala

Data Analytics Predicting Profitability Project

Vera Giulia Sala used a number of algorithms to predict the sales volume of potential products to be incorporated at Blackwell Electronics. She trained non-parametric supervised models, tested them, and plotted their predictions as part of her data analysis.

"What's Cooking?"

Rafael Gama

Rafael used Python to predict cuisines using ingredients from recipes. "I made this project to become fluent in Python and GitHub"

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