Yash Saha

See how Yash advanced his career further with our Data Analytics & Machine Learning program

Yash Saha

I really wanted to leap into data science, machine learning, and AI, and I saw Ubiqum as the perfect coding bootcamp to propel myself forward.

Yash Saha

What were you doing before signing up for the course?

I had just finished a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology in India, and after that I did an internship in the food and beverages industry, applying basic machine learning concepts. Working with machine learning in my internship made me really want to leap into data science, machine learning, and AI, and I saw Ubiqum as the perfect coding bootcamp to propel myself forward. So I decided to move to Barcelona.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

I decided to enroll on Ubiqum’s Data Analytics Program because I didn’t like the idea of doing a whole master’s degree. Ubiqum seemed like the perfect choice because of many things; The fact that you work on real projects in a work like environment really appealed to me and I liked that I could learn a great deal in just 5 months – much less time than a master’s degree.

What was your main concern before starting?

It was my first time travelling to Europe, so that was my main concern. As I didn’t speak any Spanish, I knew I might struggle with certain aspects of living in Spain.

Why did Ubiqum Code Academy stand out as the best option?

Ubiqum’s programs are much more practical than others, and being a computer science graduate, I had already studied a lot of theory on machine learning and AI. But, as with any knowledge or education you receive, if it’s not applied then it’s most likely forgotten. At Ubiqum, you have to complete five tangible projects, where you apply everything you learn as you go.

I needed some motivation to apply my knowledge and Ubiqum provided the ideal platform. The fact that the course simulates how you work in the professional world is very motivating.

Do you think our Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

I found the Learn by Doing methodology effective, it’s more beneficial than just theory because you gain practical experience.

How helpful did you find the Career Services?

Unfortunately, because I come from outside the EU, the help they could give me was quite limited in terms of finding a job in Barcelona. However, they did all they could and, on the Boosting My Career program, I gained a lot of insight into how to use LinkedIn well and learned the tricks to creating an optimised CV.

Would you recommend Ubiqum and if so, why?

If you’re interested in machine learning and data analytics training then Ubiqum offers a great course and I would definitely recommend it.