Pratibha Sarle

See how taking Ubiqum’s Full Stack Java Development course gave Pratibha the practical experience she needed to get a job as a front-end developer

Pratibha Sarle

I’ve worked on real projects, gained a lot of practical experience, and have received job offers that weren’t as easily available to me before the course (even though I have a degree in computer science).

Pratibha Sarle
Junior Front-End Developer for Plat4mation

Congratulations on your new job! Where will you be working?

I will be working as a junior front-end developer for plat4mation, where I know I’ll be able to carry on learning a great deal through their onsite training. I’m really happy! I actually had a number of interviews with companies and got very good feedback so it was great to be able to choose the one that best suited me.

What were you doing before signing up for our course?

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer science from my university in India, I already had a background in tech. I came to Amsterdam with my husband to look for a job and decided to sign up for Ubiqum’s Full Stack Java Development program.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

In job interviews, they always ask you about your experience, what projects you’ve completed, what skills you have and what you’re able to do for them. After my graduation, the key thing companies were looking for, that I lacked, was experience and a clear direction in terms of my career. I knew that by taking the five month course, I would come out of it with the skills I needed and enough experience to know what I liked and what technologies I wanted to work with. I now know that I like working in front-end web development.

What was your main concern before starting?

My only concern this whole time was whether I’d get a job at the end of the web development course or not? Whenever I didn’t know how to do something on the course I would question how I was supposed to build a career as a developer. But my mentors would always tell me not to worry about this until the end of the course and to focus on what I’m currently doing. This was good advice and really worked out, because after five months, I’ve worked on real projects, gained a lot of practical experience, and have received job offers that weren’t as easily available to me before the course (even though I have a degree in computer science).

Why did Ubiqum Code Academy stand out as the best option?

When I was looking for bootcamps, a lot of them required a great deal of pre-work and tests and they would ask me to learn a specific language before even starting the course. If you want me, take me as I am, I thought. I was looking specifically for a course for complete beginners but one where I could gain real experience, because in my degree I had learned about programming languages but on a theoretical level. I wanted to take a course that would build on my existing skills, that I could then apply to building real tangible projects that I could call my own.

What were your expectations?

On job applications and in interviews, they ask you what practical experience you have. The knowledge I had from university wasn’t enough, I needed real experience so that I could find a job. So, I wanted experience building real projects by myself, and from there, get job interviews with the companies I wanted to work at.

Do you think our Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

I found the learn by doing methodology very effective because when you already know the answer you don’t work for it or remember it. When you don’t have the answer you have to figure it out, and because I taught myself, I know I’m going to remember what I’ve learned.

How helpful did you find the Career Placement service?

After completing Ubiqum’s Full Stack Java Development course and taking part in the Boosting My Career program, I’ve received a number of job offers. I actually ended up finding this job because I got headhunted through LinkedIn. I took the tests, had very positive results, and then got hired. It just shows how hot the market is for programmers right now. Normally you have to go to the recruiters but in this case it’s the other way round.

Would you recommend Ubiqum and if so, why?

I’ve actually already recommended Ubiqum to my friend, who’s already started the course, so yes I would 100% recommend Ubiqum.