Grigory Zabelin

See how Grigory landed a job as a developer before he’d even completed the course

Grigory Zabelin - Java Development Program

The help of mentors and coming to Ubiqum every day is fundamental to learning such a lot in a short space of time.

Grigory Zabelin
Developer at Netcentric

Congratulations on your new job! Where will you be working?

I’ll be working at Netcentric. First as a front-end developer and then, with more training, as a back-end Java developer. As I’ve been hired before actually finishing the Full Stack Java Development Program, what I haven’t had a chance to complete at Ubiqum, I’ll be trained in at Netcentric. I still plan on finishing what I haven’t yet finished on the Java program, though.

How did you land the job?

Ubiqum arranged a visit to the Netcentric offices, and of course, I brought my CV along. That very same day I got an email from HR and we arranged an interview. The technical back-end part was obviously very difficult as I hadn’t started the Java module yet but I found the front-end test quite easy and they saw my potential.

What were you doing before signing up for our course?

I had my own company, a marketing agency, which I founded with a couple of friends. I had been working there for the last six years, but had gotten to a point where I found it to be quite repetitive and I wanted to do something more technical.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

I’ve always been interested in programming but had never gotten round to it. As I wasn’t feeling very satisfied in my job, it seemed like the right time to learn how to code. I found out about coding bootcamps and googled “Java coding bootcamp Barcelona”, and that’s how I found Ubiqum.

What was your main concern before starting?

I wasn’t very confident about how well I’d do, after all, I thought if learning a programming language is anything like learning a spoken language then it could take years and I still wouldn’t be fluent. When I saw that Java was just the last two months, I wondered if this would be enough. But having completed the previous modules in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I realise now how necessary these steps are.

Why did Ubiqum Code Academy stand out as the best option?

I knew I wanted to learn Java because I have a couple of close programmer friends who advised me that Java was the best programming language to learn due to the number of platforms that support it. As Ubiqum was the only coding bootcamp that offered courses in Java, the choice was easy.

Do you think Ubiqum’s Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

I think it’s been very effective. At first, I wasn’t sure what I would be paying for, since there would be no formal teaching. But, having experienced it, I’m convinced that this has been a good investment and the right methodology to learn how to code.

Before Ubiqum, I tried to learn to code on my own through YouTube tutorials, but when I got stuck it was almost impossible to find a solution. I was doing three hours a day and that felt like a lot. Now, I’m doing eight hours a day and it’s really all I’m doing – I’m very focussed. The help of the mentors is fundamental, though going to an office – essentially going to work every day – was key to learning such a lot in a short space of time.

Would you recommend Ubiqum and if so, why?

Definitely. Though I can’t say the same about my university and degree in social sciences. What I put into Ubiqum in terms of funds and time and the career opportunities available to me are incomparable to those I had post-university. Considering that programming is such a practical profession, it doesn’t make sense that it is something studied at university, as this is always so theory-heavy. One of my programmer friends has a computer science degree and another has one in media studies, but in the end, both had to teach themselves how to program. Their degrees (of three years) provided them with the basics, but this wasn’t enough to actually go on and work as a developer.