Geraldine Hernández

See how Geraldine made a successful career change and went from working as a psychologist to learning to code and landing a job as a developer!


The course and the people at Ubiqum came very highly recommended so I knew it was the best coding bootcamp in Barcelona to help me change my career.

Geraldine Hernández
React Developer at Between Technology

Congratulations on your new job! Where will you be working?

Thanks, I’m very excited to get started! I’ve been hired as a React developer by Between Technology. As a full stack React developer, I’m going to be refactoring code written in PHP and HTML.

What were you doing before signing up for our course?

I was working as a psychologist, teaching the psychology of arts to university students of design. Then, I decided to do a masters degree in creativity. With each step, I got closer and closer to discovering what I wanted to do with my professional life and eventually found my way to web development.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

I realised that, in light of the technological revolution, this was the path I wanted to take in my career. I awkwardly began to explore the different technologies that existed, but evidently, I needed something or someone to guide me. This is where Ubiqum Code Academy came into my life.

What was your main concern before starting?

I didn’t know anything about the tech world – being a phycologist is so far away from the tech world, never mind the web development world. However, this just pushed me to do better and succeed. As someone who had no previous technical experience, I had my concerns, but I was highly motivated to learn to code and become a developer. I’m proud of myself for achieving this!

Why did Ubiqum Code Academy stand out as the best option?

Funnily enough, three years ago, when Ubiqum’s coding bootcamp didn’t exist, I almost signed up to do a programming course with IronHack. I was younger and in that moment, I wasn’t really ready to change my career. Three years later, my cousin, who had completed Ubiqum’s Java programming course, recommended Ubiqum to me and I decided now was the time to learn to code.

The course and the people at Ubiqum came very highly recommended so I knew it was the best coding bootcamp in Barcelona to help me change my career.

Do you think our Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

It wasn’t the way I was used to studying but I’ve grown to really like it. At university, there is much too much theory to learn. At Ubiqum it’s the opposite – you’re always putting into practice what you learn. I’ve learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js.) and have built a number of web pages!

How helpful did you find the Career Placement service?

They helped me with my CV and to prep for interviews. I actually received two job offers and then had the luxury of choosing which to accept. In the end, I went with Between Technology because of the company culture and the fact that I’d be working with React.

Would you recommend Ubiqum?

Of course! I actually want my husband to do the full stack course. A friend of mine will most likely start in February.