Anna Skoulikari

Previously working as a UX designer, Anna realised she wanted to not only design digital experiences, but to actually build them too. See how she learned to code and transformed herself into a badass JavaScript programmer

Anna Skoulikari

The fact that you pay half your tuition fee when you start the course and the rest once you’ve found a job instilled a lot of trust in me that Ubiqum would be dedicated to helping me find a job.

Anna Skoulikari

What were you doing before signing up for our course?

Before I signed up for the course I was actually working as a UX designer for an agency in London.

Why did it seem like the right moment in your life to sign up for the course?

While working as a UX designer, you get to be an architect and design digital experiences for users. At some point I realised that, not only did I want to design digital experiences, but I also wanted to build them myself, which is what inspired me to learn to code.

Why did Ubiqum Code Academy stand out as the best option?

Ubiqum stood out as the best option because it’s the only coding bootcamp that teaches “MERN” stack in its Web Development with JavaScript course. “MERN” stands for MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js, which are the technologies I really wanted to learn.

What were your expectations/what were you hoping to get out of it?

I wanted to be able to complete the course and afterwards have the ability to not only design but to build digital experiences. I also wanted to debunk any fears about programming and ultimately find a job that I liked.

Do you think our Learn by Doing methodology has been effective?

I love the Learn by Doing methodology. I think it’s really effective and it means that everything you learn is a practical skill. Plus, because you are coding from the very first day, as you learn more important concepts of the coding language, you are able to understand them better because you have a context in which to place them. Coding is a lot about trial and error so the more experience you have making mistakes and fixing them, the more you understand why certain concepts and practices are important.

How helpful did you find Ubiqum’s career services?

The career services team were really good, the women are really nice and it was helpful for me specifically because the job market in London is very different to the one here in Barcelona. There were some key differences that I may not have found on my own if it wasn’t for the Boosting my Career program Ubiqum offers as part of their three and five month long technical courses.

Would you recommend Ubiqum and if so, why?

I already have recommended Ubiqum to a lot of my friends because of its really practical Learn by Doing methodology and the fact it simulates a working environment. This really helps prepare you for working in a company or startup.