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Marta López

I had many concerns, the biggest of which was that I wouldn’t end up finding a job

Blanca Barón

When I found out about data analytics, I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was

Michalis Alexakis

I chose Ubiqum’s Data Analytics program because it was the most complete course. I specifically wanted to

Pratibha Sarle

I’ve worked on real projects, gained a lot of practical experience, and have received job offers that

Nicola Romagnoli

I wanted to gain the skills that would give me more flexibility in my career and complement

Pau Pardo

The modules are complex, however, if you are dedicated and want to achieve your goals, then it’s

Yash Saha

I really wanted to leap into data science, machine learning, and AI, and I saw Ubiqum as

Geraldine Hernández

The course and the people at Ubiqum came very highly recommended so I knew it was the

David Gibert

I learnt more in one month of training at Ubiqum than I did in the nine months