Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all agreements by and between Ubiqum Code Academy (Ubiqum), and the Student (Student), as identified and set forth in the General Conditions and Enrolment Form.

Starting Dates

Ubiqum reserves the right to alter course dates at any time. Ubiqum’s policy is to commit to a starting date once 10 students have paid their deposits. If a deposit has been paid and the course date is to be altered, the Student will be notified at least 10 days in advance of the course starting. In case of alteration, the affected Student may request a full refund of their deposit should the revised starting date not be suitable. Alternatively they may start on any future starting date.


In all cases, Ubiqum requires the Student’s deposit before the starting date in order to secure their place. For online students, on-campus EU students, and Swiss students studying in Switzerland, the deposit is €500. For non-EU nationals, the deposit is €1500.

Deposit Refunds

i). The Student may request a refund of their deposit if they have a visa refusal that prevents them from studying. In this case, the student must provide written evidence of their visa refusal.

ii). The Student may request a refund of their deposit if the Ubiqum starting date is changed or cancelled from the date they booked. In no circumstance is Ubiqum liable for any pre-booked accommodation or external factors to the Ubiqum course itself. This should be noted by Ubiqum students before they prepare travel and accommodation.

Questions and Complaints