Why Learn to Code

Feeling restless in your current employment situation? Perhaps you’ve already started considering making a career change by learning to code and getting into tech? Well you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explain everything from why you should learn to code, how, and which programming language to code in.

Learning to code is a decisive step for your professional future. After all, there is a HUGE demand for web and mobile developers!

But, perhaps you have the idea that learning to code is too difficult to grasp or that if you didn’t learn to code when you were six then it’s too late? False. As a code academy that trains people from all kinds of professional backgrounds with no previous experience how to code, we’ve seen that anyone can change their career and become a developer (and in just 5 months!).

The good news is that anyone, at any age, can learn to code and become a web developer; all you have to do is take a look at our alumni stories.

92% of students who take our Web Development program complete it and successfully launch their career as a programmer. Of these people, very few have any previous experience in web development and the great majority come from completely unrelated backgrounds. 

Take a look for yourself:  

Why you Should Learn to Code

Why learn to code

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwideThat means more jobs, more exciting professional opportunities, and more innovative startups popping up!

Programming skills are in high-demand

Software engineers, developers, programmers  – these stand out as the most in-demand jobs in 2023, making coding one of the most important skills to learn this year.

This demand is not restricted by a specific geography. This demand for programming skills is global. For this very reason, learning to code should be on the top of your list as a career changer. After all, what’s the point of making a career change to something that doesn’t offer any opportunities? In the tech world, on the contrary, there are thousands!

Top 10 most in demmand programming languages in 2022

Programmers are well-paid

When making a career change you want to be sure that you’re going to be able to support yourself (and maybe also your family). The great thing about learning to code is that with your new programming skills you’ll be able to access well-paid positions and quickly move up the career ladder (which only means more $$$).

Average US Web Development Salaries in 2022

Here is a selection of average yearly salaries for entry-level web developer positions around the world according to PayScale.

See what you could be earning as a first year jr. developer:

Australia: AU$55,693

Canada: C$49,056

Denmark: $53,205

France: €29,343

Germany: €36,571

Italy: €20,121

Japan: ¥3,345,050

Netherlands: €29,619

Spain: €20,924

UK: £23,708

USA: $54,596

Developer career paths

Feeling stagnant in your current career? By learning how to code you are opening up so many career prospects for yourself! Take a look at all the different career paths you could go down (or rather, go up!)

Why you Should Learn to Code

Learn to code and work for yourself

Once you have enough knowledge and practical know-how, within these career paths, an option is also to work as a freelancer or set up your own company.  Choosing your own wage, clients, location, work hours, etc. is very satisfying and having the right skills in web development offers you this possibility.

Learn to code and build cool projects!

As a programmer, you can build really cool projects, such as responsive websites, web applications, video games, and much more! and work for young start ups or consolidated world class corporations!

Aprender a Programar

How should I learn to code?

Having the right motivation, determination, and perseverance is required to learn any complex physical or cognitive skill. Without this, the desired results will not be achieved. As the saying says “no pain, no gain”. However, with the right attitude and hard work, you can learn anything.

That said, guidance and support goes a long way, and that’s where Ubiqum Code Academy comes in. We know from experience that the following elements are key to learning the right skills to help you secure your dream job:

  • Practical, project-based methodology (learning by doing)
  • Support from dedicated, expert mentors
  • Support from classmates
  • Career services and coaching

The last point is especially important considering you are most likely learning to code in order to change careers. Take a look at how Ubiqum’s career services will help you land your new job in tech.

Aprender a Programar

What programming language should I learn to code in?

After choosing web development as the right career path for you, the trickiest part might be to choose which programming language you want to learn. Here, we’re going to look at the top front-end and back-end languages to learn, and see which are considered the most popular amongst web developers and sought after by companies.

For those of you that are not familiar with tech names yet:

‘Frontend’ typically means the parts of the project a user interacts with, such as the user interface or command line interface.

Backend’ means the parts that do the work, that the user is unaware of or cannot see; be it databases, servers, or the programs that interact with the databases and the servers.

Front-end programming: #1 JavaScript

Along with HTML and CSS, it is impossible to be a front-end developer without having an adept understanding of JavaScript. According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript has been listed the number one programming language six years in a row. Besides this you need to learn at least one of the most common frameworks like REACT or Angular. 

Back-end programming:

Option # 1 MERN

MEARN stands for  MongoDB, Express, REACT and NodeJS  and it is a set of tools that combined allow a programmer to build the back end using JavaScript. It is a good  option for those students that want to focus more in the Front End but they know that a good front end developer must know about back end as well. 

Option #2 Java

Java has dominated the TIOBE Community Programming Index for the past 15 years. Java is known for its speed and reliability. It’s also an object-orientated, multi-platform language. Many of the world’s largest companies use Java to build their desktop apps and power their back-end web systems.

In fact, Ubiqum is one of the only code academies to offer courses in Java programming, so if you’d like to learn this extremely in-demand back-end programming language, we can help!

In conclusion, if you want to learn to code and are ready to make a decisive move in your professional career, Ubiqum is here to help you. Our practical, project-based methodology, career services, and commitment to helping you get hired is why over 1.100 people have already achieved fantastic results.



Career Services

At Ubiqum, we’ve constructed an environment that totally supports the students’ learning by simulating a real life work environment found in tech and IT companies. What’s best is that we offer career services to our students in order to help them transition from learning to code at Ubiqum to their new, rewarding careers in tech!

These services include:

  • Several workshops that are intertwined with the technical program to help you identify and formulate your strengths and weaknesses and your personal and professional ambitions.
  • One-to-one mock interviews and coaching sessions with career advisors.
  • Helping you to build a winning resume.
  • Helping you to improve your Linkedin profile.
  • Helping you to build a strong personal pitch.
  • prepare for personal and technical interviews. 
If you’d like more advice on learning to code, how to launch a career in web development, or more information on our programming courses, get in touch with our career advisors by filling out the form below: