Make room for yourself in the job market with the Java Web Development Bootcamp

Learn the most popular and used programming language – Java, attending a Java Web Development bootcamp really opens doors to a brighter professional future, and with Ubiqum, 92% of our students find a job within two months of finishing their course.

Technology’s rapid evolution in recent decades has led to the integration of these new tools in many different industries to improve processes and services. Taking into account how consistent this trend has been, it’s clear that the future demand for digital and web development professionals is high and secure. This is why many professionals coming from the most diverse backgrounds decide to boost their CVs with web development and programming skills.

Although it is totally feasible for anybody,  as any other complex skill it’s not easy to learn coding. It requires motivation and effort. So, to make it worthwhile, you should choose wisely which programming language to learn. But for an all-round knowledge of web development, there’s not much better than Java.

What is Java and why does everybody use it?

Java is the most used programming language for back-end development. The reason is very simple. Most of the largest corporations in the world are using Java in their back end systems. From large financial institutions to the automotive industry and large retailers, not forgetting the tech companies like Amazon, Google or Spotify. Over 3 billion devices run on Java worldwide, a much bigger number than any other programming language. Ever since its launch more than 30 years ago, Java has been a key tool for tech professionals. And this trend does not show any likelihood of changing. Furthermore, the demand for techies with Java is growing year by year. Java is here to stay.

This is why choosing the right course and the right school to become a Java Web Developer is of paramount importance to make it worth it such a great investment in your future. If you chose well, soon you will be the skilled professional every employer dreams of. 

Curso de Desarrollo Web Java

Becoming a Java Web Developer

The syntax used in Java is very similar to other programming languages such as C or C++, although the language itself is much simpler. So if you actually do have previous training in these languages, learning Java will be even easier.

However, if you have zero programming knowledge, there’s no need to panic. The most important thing is the right methodology. Once you get this, then you have nothing to fear.

At Ubiqum we take you from “zero to hero” in 5 months. You start coding with the simplest coding languages of the front end, HTML and CSS. Soon after you are moved to basic programming skills with JavaScript. After this experience, around 6 weeks from the start, you can integrate all the knowledge and you will be asked to develop the complete front end of an application. At this point, after 12 weeks, you can consider yourself a developer.  Now, you are ready to get into Java, and you will spend the next 8 weeks building a videogame using Java to build the back end. 

If you want a secure new career as a software developer, learning Java is a winning bet. Our Java Web Development bootcamp will help you to develop the skills and to get hired in a promising and successful career .

It doesn’t matter which professional field you are coming from, programming skills are always a winner on your professional profile. Sign up for Ubiqum’s Java Web Development bootcamp and shoot for a brighter career.