How learning data analytics can change your life

By now, it’s no secret that learning data analytics gives you an enviable skill in the modern workplace. But it’s not just an advantage in the workplace. Have you ever thought about a given problem or a situation in your school, company, workplace, or household, and felt that you could get valuable information if only you knew how to properly work with the data you have?

Maybe you didn’t think about it in terms of data, but it’s a feeling everybody has experience. Not knowing the tools required to get real insights.

For instance, let’s say you are taking a programming course, and you notice many of your classmates struggling. You also have access to the curriculum, the grades from past years, and the teachers. You want to find a way of predicting students’ grades.

Gathering data and giving predictions is what a data scientist, or analyst, does, though usually with larger amounts of data. Data science is one of the hottest and most in-demand tech jobs right now. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, we live in the age of data. Being able to not only make questions out of data but getting insights is one of the most valuable skills of the 21st century.

The importance of data in modern life

In the last five years, we’ve heard the word data more than ever before in history. Maybe this is a generalization, but our data analyst/scientist friends could confirm it, thanks to their ability to work with data.

Data is more than a buzzword. It has become increasingly popular, and more and more people are looking to get tech skills, either to get a great job in tech, or to better understand how the technology we love using.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

Just the way programming is now highly valuable, or rather, it’s more accessible, the technical knowledge to work with data is also fundamental in today’s world and economy. But, why is this data so valuable? Data is not necessarily valuable on its own, depending on what we want to know, and this is where data analysts come in. To interpret that data and get applicable value out of it.

So where does this data come from? Just about anywhere, but more specifically, it depends on what the data analyst is working on and where. What is true is that with the internet, we can expect the amount and availability of data to be larger than ever before.

Why is learning data analytics a game-changer?

The most successful companies in the world have been leveraging the knowledge of people able to work with data for many years now. This helps them make informed decisions on all kinds of things, whether it’s how to sell more, or how to give more accurate recommendations to clients.

Of course, it’s not all about profit. Data analysis is also a fundamental tool to make better cities, improve quality of life, and overall, being able to turn numbers into insights. Data Analytics can be applied to any field where there is available data such as, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare energy and science.

For the data analysts themselves, the benefits continue. Since the job market in the tech sector keeps growing, average salaries are very high, job satisfaction is great, and most importantly, the demand for people with tech skills keeps growing.

Jobs involving working with data are mostly in the tech side, however, data analysts are not necessarily required to have very advanced knowledge of math and statistics, or to be computer scientists, although they need a solid based on these disciplines.

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Therefore, considering making a career change by learning data science might seem scary at first, even if you are motivated. Luckily, learning the right skills in a good academy makes it easy, and you’ll be able to successfully switch careers very soon.

Whether you are looking to find a job in data analytics or data science, you want to learn how to use data to boost your company, or you just want to have powerful skills that will help you whatever you do; learning how to work with data will give you the tools to make more informed decisions, and to get greater results.

What is the best way to learn the skills to work as a data analyst?

One of the biggest obstacles for those who are keen on learning data analytics is understanding where to start and what skills to learn for the way you want to apply it.

The reason for this turning so many people off is the overwhelming amount of skills you need to learn according to websites, articles, or videos. Usually, it would look like this:

  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Programming (Python, R)
  • Working with Databases and SQL
  • Math and Statistics
  • Machine Learning

The biggest problem is that sometimes it seems that you should learn all these skills at once before applying them to a project. This is not exactly the case. We can start applying these skills into real-life as we dive deeper into our new career path.

This is why it’s crucial to begin sooner rather than later to work on actual projects. This project doesn’t have to be bigIt doesn’t matter whether we are newcomers or have some experience in any of the skills that we need to work with real-world data. The point is that the project actually keeps us motivated and allows us to learn these new skills as we go.

At Ubiqumwe offer you the best progressive education that gives you a bigger picture that free, online learning can’t match. With our Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamp, we train you to think like a data analyst with no classes, no exams, and no grading.

Six Ubiqum students stand underneath the Ubiqum logo. All are wearing t-shirts that say "This is what a Data Analyst looks like".

Why learn data analytics at Ubiqum?

You may have already heard about coding and data analysis bootcamps. If you have looked for different programs around the world, you might have found some more appealing than others. And also some of them much more expensive than others.

We know the reason that makes us so appealing for many students around Europe and the world. The key factor is that we really have a mission of providing our students with a curriculum that offers the real skills that companies need. And we accomplish it by teaching them on a completely practical and modern approach.

All our bootcamps are focused on getting you a job. So alongside the in-demand tech skills, our Career Advisors guide you on CV and LinkedIn writing, and interview preparation to make your application processes as easy as possible.

It’s not a secret that traditional education is still far from ideal in most countries. In fact, many of our students chose us to get the practical skills their data science degrees overlooked. Another aspect of our methodology is access to dedicated mentors, who are motivated, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you boost your skills.

We are also one of the few academies offering both full-time and part-time and on-campus or online data analytics programs. 

Whatever variation of the Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamp you choose, you’ll tackle five real-world data analysis projects. These aim to make you think like a data analyst who is able to provide valuable insights from data.

Learn the techniques, the tools, the skills, ask for help, and make a change with data. All of this without ever feeling judged nor getting “bad grades”. In 20 weeks, or 40 for the part-time option, you’ll learn how to predict profitabilityperform deep analytics and visualization, and do web mining. At the end of every project, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge into an analysis of your own.

Change your life by learning data analytics

Learning can really change everything for the better. This is especially true when what we learn is something we like, and that opens doors to new opportunities.

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Many things fall into this category since it greatly depends on our passions and interest. But data and the skills to effectively analyze it has proven to be something of great value for many of those who followed the data path.

The professional benefits of understanding data are there for all to see. But thinking like a data analyst provides subtler benefits. You can apply these skills to your personal finances, fitness, and time spent looking at screens and upgrade your life. Leverage the power of data to automate those pesky time-consuming tasks and start using your brain RAM for the things you care about!