Ubiqum unique learning by doing Methodology

At Ubiqum Code Academy, our main goal is to help students learn the digital skills they will need to progress professionally in the digital economy. We do this through our fast-paced programs. We take learning very seriously and use a cognitive science based very effective learning methodology. Read more and you will know the basics of our unique, disruptive and innovative method.

Here’s how we teach:

How We Teach: Learning by Doing

Instead of regular classes (lectures), we focus on projects. These projects are like real-life tasks you’d find in a tech job. They start easy and get more challenging, designed so that even if you’re new to this, you can learn everything from scratch and be ready for a job.

When we plan a program, we ask:

  • What job does the student want after the course?
  • What skills do they need for that job?
  • What projects can we create so students can learn those skills?

To figure this out, we talk to experts in these jobs. Then we build our programs based on what they tell us.

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Our Methodology: Goal and Project-based Learning

At Ubiqum Code Academy, we believe in learning by doing real projects. These projects are made to look and feel like the actual work done by software developers and data analysts in the technology industry. We’ve designed them to start easy and get more challenging, so anyone, regardless of experience, can learn from scratch and be ready for a job.

When we create our programs, we think about a few things:

  • What job does the student want after finishing the course?
  • What skills, knowledge, and tools are needed for that job?
  • How can we create projects that help students learn these things and be good at that job?

To make our programs, we talk to experts who work in these jobs. They help us figure out what’s important to learn. Then we build our programs based on what they tell us.

Students work on projects that feel like real jobs, where they have to help a pretend client to get things done.

Each task in these projects has three parts:

  1. Something the student has to make. A specific deliverable.
  2. Step-by-step instructions to help them make it. A plan of Attack.
  3. Concepts and models necessary to solve the task.  We call the Resources. and are the pieces of theory in the context of being used..

Our way of teaching is different from regular schools. We change how teachers work, what students learn, and how we check if they’re learning.

Teachers Become Mentors

Our mentors are not just teachers – they guide students through the program like a project manager. They make sure every student finishes their tasks  learning what they need for a job. These mentors are not like normal teachers; they’re there to help students think for themselves, which is really important when starting a job as a Developer or Analyst.

Why Our Content Matters

The professional world has a lot of different things that workers deal with, like different ways of working and using tools. Our main aim is to help students use what they learn at Ubiqum in a real job from day one. We make our programs like real work so that what students learn matches what companies need. This not only helps companies get skilled workers but also keeps students motivated by making learning interesting and showing progress every day.

Connecting Learning to Real Work Skills

Regular school methods usually involve listening a lot, may involve some decontextualised practice and taking tests. But, in reality, just listening and testing might not help much when you start working. Our way of teaching is different. We focus on making sure what you learn is useful in a job.

We’ve seen that traditional school stuff like subjects, lectures, and exams don’t always help when you start working. That’s why our programs are made very carefully. We want you to really understand things and be able to use what you’ve learned when you start a new job.

Students Quickly Fit into New Jobs

Our students usually adapt fast when they start working. Companies that hire our students notice this too. Ubiqum alumni usually blend in well and start their new jobs without any trouble. This helps them start their careers smoothly.

How We Check What You Learn

In regular schools, exams decide how well you’re doing. But in the real job world, it’s about how good your work is. We do things differently at Ubiqum. The things you make during our programs show how well you’re learning. These things you make are like proof that you’re getting better at what you’re learning. Mentors look at these things to see how you’re doing and help you grow professionally.

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Teachers Turned Mentors: A Big Change

Certainly, the transformation of teachers into mentors stands as a crucial aspect of our methodology. To an outsider, this change might appear insignificant, merely a shift in titles, but in reality, it signifies a substantial difference in roles and approaches. Let’s explore what makes mentors different from traditional teachers.

What Mentors Do

Mentors at Ubiqum have many jobs that are really important for our programs.

Firstly, it’s important to note that mentors don’t operate in the vacuum; they operate within the rich learning environment our development team has carefully crafted. This environment includes well-organized projects and tasks, all designed systematically and that will lead the student work in a very orderly manner.

These projects are like the kind of work students will do in their future jobs. We want students to learn by doing things themselves, which helps them become successful professsionals when they finish our program.

Mentors help students learn new skills and make sure they can show these skills well. They don’t just tell students how to code; they guide them through coding practice so students can find their own answers. Each day starts with a meeting where students talk about what they did and what they plan to do. Mentors also organize group meetings to look at students’ work together and learn from each other.

Why Our Mentors Are Special

Our mentors know a lot about what we teach and how we teach it. Most of them have been through our programs too, so they understand what students might find hard and how to help them. Some mentors have also worked in real jobs in their field, so they know what companies want in new Full-Stack Developers and Data Analysts.

Getting Help from Mentors

Students can talk to mentors every day in class and outside. Each day starts with a meeting where students talk about their progress and ask for help. Students can always ask for extra help if they need it. Our mentors are there to make sure students are supported and succeed in our programs.

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The Power of Ubiqum’s Methodology: A Brief Summary

We’re very thorough and careful in how we work. You shouldn’t trust everyone who says they teach by doing. You need to check if they really meet the basic standards we’ve explained here. We don’t do boring lectures or learn theories without a context. Our method is about practicing a lot—doing real tasks as part of a well-planned project in a great and rich learning environment, with help from a personal mentor. It might sound simple, but it’s hard to do without knowing exactly how to do it.

Here are the advantages of joining Ubiqum:

  • A Deep and Long-Lasting Learning Experience

Our project-based learning methodology is founded on the principles of the Constructivist and Dynamic Memory models of learning. We believe that true comprehension emerges from active engagement—a philosophy evident in sports training, where doing is fundamental. Similarly, in programming and data analysis, learning by doing is paramount. Our programs are meticulously designed to immerse students in a virtual yet realistic professional environment, enabling them to progress from fundamental tasks to intricate responsibilities, mirroring the journey of a novice tennis player mastering the game.

  • Skills Aligned with Industry Demands

Our program design hinges on industry insights garnered from experts. We dissect the skill sets required for specific job roles and curate projects that guide students from novice to competent. This meticulous process ensures that our curriculum remains relevant and aligned with the evolving needs of the industry. By simulating real-world scenarios, we bridge the gap between a student’s aspirations and a company’s requirement for skilled talent.

  • Cultivating Professional and Autonomous Thinking

At Ubiqum, our mentors, more than just subject experts, serve as project managers and personal coaches. Embracing a project-centric approach, students are encouraged to solve problems independently, fostering autonomous professional thinking. As they progress through the program, they gain confidence, not just in coding but in thinking like seasoned professionals, essential for acing interviews and excelling in their careers.

  • Career Advisory Services: Nurturing Career Growth

Our career advisory workshops delve into personal and professional histories, CV crafting, LinkedIn optimization, interview preparedness, and role-playing exercises. Additionally, our team offers personalized guidance, matching individual abilities and interests with suitable job opportunities, providing invaluable support throughout the job search journey.

  • Tailored Professional Opportunities

Recognizing diverse learning capacities, we aim not just to confer qualifications but to secure employment. Our programs prepare students for various roles, whether as full-stack developers, front-end developers, testers, BI professionals, among others. We tailor learning to suit diverse job requirements, ensuring that each student finds a fitting role.

At Ubiqum, our dedication to honing skills, fostering independence, and shaping successful careers remains unwavering.

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