Web Development with Java

Become a Back-End developer with Java in just 2 months (320 hours) and relaunch your professional career.
You can access this program after finishing the Full stack web development with Ubiqum or by having one year of experience as a front End developer.

Take it on-campus in Barcelona or online from anywhere in the world.

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Program schedule

320 hours. Full time or Part time.
Online or on Campus

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3 of April 2023
22nd of May 2023
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The back-end development with Java program is intensive and 100% practical. It allows you to reorient your career towards one of the most in-demand areas in tech and become a back-end web developer with Java. No classes, no exams, and no subjects. You'll be coding from day one with the personalised support of your mentor.

In the Back-end Developer with Java program you will review the front end programming languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and will learn how to build the back-end with Java.

To be admitted to this program you have to take the full stack with JavaScript/MERN program first, or to credit one year of experience as a front end developer.


Your mentor is an experienced programmer and an expert in our methodology who will be by your side over the 2 months to help you solve issues, motivate you, and support you in each project, getting deeply involved in your learning process so that you achieve your goal: to launch a successful career as a web developer Java.

What You’ll Learn

I landed a job as a Web Developer Java before the course was up!

Why learn Java?

Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language in the world and one of the most in-demand languages by companies. Experts estimate that the demand for Java web developers will increase in the coming years due to its speed, stability, and versatility. At Ubiqum we help you learn Java in depth, thus opening the door to thousands of backend developer with Java jobs around the world!
Keep in mind that to access this program you have to credit your previous experience (at least one year) as a front end developer.

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Back-End Project with Java

In this course, you will create your first video game, the legendary "Battleship". How? By combining your knowledge of design and front-end programming with your new knowledge of Java, learned in this course. By the end of the Web Development Java program, your game will be fully playable!

Battleship-style Video Game

Web Development with Java Program


"I never imagined that in just 2 months I would be able to design and program a complete videogame in Java. Yes, you can too!"

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Build your own video game!

Combining his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and Java, as well as his love of design, the student used Java to create the game mechanics and then designed all of his ships from scratch. Watch the game in action now.


A Day in Ubiqum



Plan your day's tasks in Trello


Daily "Scrum" standup meeting

Web Development with Java Program

Work on coding your salvos in Java

Web Development with Java Program

Review your code with a mentor

Web Development with Java Program

Refactor your code based on mentor feedback

Web Development with Java Program



Group code review

Web Development with Java Program

Commit your code to GitHub

In just 5 months I went from not knowing anything about programming to getting a job as a developer!

Francesc Altés
Software Engineer at GetApp

Fees and payment plans

You start when you decide. You have two weeks of free trial of the program, before you fully commit.

You will be assigned to a personal mentor who will guide and accompany you through all your learning process.


The full cost of the course is €2400

Payment Plans

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Student Satisfaction. You can read our students’ testimonials for a better idea of Ubiqum’s results. Everything we do is to help you start your professional life as a Data Analyst, Web Developer, or Mobile Developer. If you put in your best effort, we will do the rest.

We are confident in our methods and content, demonstrated in the fact that we offer an employment guarantee which allows students to pay only half their tuition at the beginning of the course and the rest only once they’ve successfully secured employment.

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