Full Stack Web and
Mobile Development

At Ubiqum, we provide personalized and adaptable courses focusing on web and mobile application development. Our programs are 100% practical and designed to prepare you for a successful career in the digital economy. Don't wait, enroll now to accelerate your professional growth


Customised and Flexible
Full Stack Web and Mobile Development

480 hours.

3 months full time or
6 months part time.

In our comprehensive program, you’ll master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React for front-end development, alongside the MERN stack—MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js—for robust back-end development.

Prior experience is not required. With a dedicated personal mentor, our highly structured, 100% practical curriculum offers exceptional flexibility to propel your learning journey forward

800 hours.

5 months full time or
10 months part time.

The Full Stack course with Java covers front-end languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, and introduces a new object-oriented programming language, JAVA, for the back-end.

Java is a highly sought-after programming language in the market as it is extensively used to build the back-end of major corporations. Learning JAVA ensures a high employability rate

We accompany you in your digital transformation.

Our mission is to empower our students with digital skills that unlock access to superior job opportunities. Setting us apart from other offerings in the market, Ubiqum’s courses are distinguished by:

Our courses are designed under a 100% practical and professional methodology. All learning is project-based, crafted by our product team for educational purposes, emulating the professional environment students will encounter upon completing the course. This is all guided and supported by a personal mentor, whom students have continuous access to and meet with regularly. It’s a very organized, systematic, practical, and professional approach.

Each student is assigned a personal mentor and his own work plan. With the projects, start and end dates and deadlines for each of the tasks, as well as the schedule of meetings with the personal mentor. We estimate a workload of eight hours per day from Monday to Friday for full-time courses, and three hours per day for part-time students who combine the course with their work.

You can start the course at the time of your choice. No waiting for a group course to start with 15 or 20 people with only one teacher . Your own work plan with your own personal teacher and your own timetable

Each student can organise their timetable to suit them as long as they comply with the planned time commitment, deadlines and personal meetings with the mentor.

The student can switch from full time to part time and vice versa upon request.

Students who have a personal or professional problem during the course can request a temporary leave of absence and resume the course at a later date.

The course can be taken in parts, module by module, adapting the content to the personal and professional needs of each student.

The end date is flexible. Those learners who progress more slowly and need more time to finish can extend the completion date in agreement with their personal mentor.


We offer you 2 weeks of FREE TRIAL.

Does it sound good to you? Is it what you’re looking for to accelerate or transform your career? We’re not asking you to take a leap of faith. We’re offering you a two-week FREE TRIAL to give you first-hand experience before you commit to formal registration and payment for the course.

Beyond the traditional bootcamp

Since our establishment in 2016, we’ve undergone a significant evolution. Initially employing a conventional bootcamp format, where cohorts of 10 to 20 individuals progressed collectively, we’ve transitioned to a more adaptive and personalized model. Our primary objective is to cater to the diverse time commitments of our students by offering a bespoke mentoring service.
Our methodology is centered on real-world, very structured projects, designed to simulate the challenges professionals encounter in the business and corporate realm. This approach is further bolstered by the support and guidance from a dedicated personal mentor, coupled with the flexibility embedded within our program schedules.


  • Intensity. Our courses cover extensive content within a short duration, allowing for rapid progress.
  • Focus. We prioritize delivering highly specific and market-demanded content for tangible skill enhancement


  • Personalisation: A dedicated personal mentor available throughout the course, providing one-on-one guidance.
  • Flexibility: Customized timetables and dedicated support tailored to each student’s requirements.
  • Practical and Professional : Emphasis on real professional practice over extensive theory, ensuring hands-on, industry-relevant learning experiences


  • Fixed Timetables: Uniform schedules applied to all participants.
  • One Teacher for Multiple Students : Single instructor managing multiple students simultaneously.
  • Rigid Start and End Dates: Firmly set commencement and conclusion dates for the course.

Since 2016 more than 1,100 students have found employment in leading companies.

How to achieve a successful career transition?

“Boosting My Career” is the job search programme, included in the course, with which we help our students to start their new digital career. Ubiqum’s courses provide deep and lasting learning that we complement with the activities needed to access your new job.

Our work is not done until you start yours.