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Learn the skills of a Full Stack Java developer by working on a series of real-world projects. You will begin by building a website using HTML and CSS, then learn to add interactive elements with JavaScript. Next, you will apply your knowledge of front-end code to develop a mobile app. In the second half of the course, you will build your own video game using Java and link it to a front-end of your own design.


"Knowing how to program gives you the ability to build anything you want. It mixes the initial struggle of coming up with a way to solve a problem with the intensity of building it and then the joy of watching the finished product doing exactly what you wanted"

What You’ll Learn

I landed a job as a Java developer before the course was up!

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented programming language used by back-end developers. It is fast, stable, and highly scalable, making it the most popular coding language in the world. The job market for Java developers is robust and consistent: for example, Java is 10x more in-demand than Ruby on Rails by employers in Barcelona!


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Projects You'll Work On

Project 1

Soccer League Website

After just 2 weeks, you'll design, build, and deliver your first project, a website for a local soccer league, using HTML and CSS. You'll be given a brief plan of attack and selected resources to carry out the task but the design is up to you!

You'll add maps and graphics to the site as well as use forms to capture the input of the user information. Once your website is ready, you'll test it for compliance with W3C standards and ensure its operation on a variety of operations and servers.

Soccer League Website

Tareq Hammida

Tareq Hammida

Full Stack Java Development Program

“I don't have a background in graphic design nor in programming. It's normal to find difficulties when you learn something new but I love what I'm learning because there are no limits to what you can make.”

Project 2

Open Government Website

You have been contracted to build an interactive website that allows people to view and filter various types of information about their political representatives. You will use JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, Vue, and React to build a highly interactive site integrated with live public data.

In carrying out this project, you'll learn to develop and code algorithms that allow one to treat and segment information and use JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to implement the user interface. Make sure to test and debug JavaScript code!

Open Government Website

Mari Potgieter

Mari Potgieter

"I found this project quite challenging at first as it was my first real exposure to JavaScript. It was a fun way to sharpen my existing skills and to acquire new ones. The end result is a functioning and useful web application!"

Project 3

Responsive Soccer League Website

In your third project, you will return to the soccer website you built in the first two weeks of the program. Using Bootstrap and JavaScript, you'll learn how to build a responsive website optimised for mobile usage. You will also learn how to code a synchronous chat.

You'll use Firebase and jQuery to add user interface elements and improve the design of the first website you built on the program.

Responsive Soccer League Website

Marinos Petratos

Marinos Petratos

“As a former civil engineer, I don’t have a background in programming. The project helped me to understand the basics of both CSS and JavaScript."

Project 4

Battleship-style Video Game

Use Java, Spring Boot, and your knowledge of front-end development to build an online video game. Students create a Java back-end game server and a front-end game, with a board and the ships. They then code the gameplay, recording hits and misses. By the end of the course, students' games are fully playable!

You'll use the Spring Boot (Java) tools to implement RESTful APIs for databases, including application services, and apply modern programming concepts such as lambdas, streams, and dependency injection.

Battleship-style Video Game


“I never imagined that after 4 months I would be able to program a complete video game in Java! For the front-end I used HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.”


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A Day in Ubiqum



Plan your day's tasks in Trello


Daily "Scrum" standup meeting


Work on coding your salvos in Java


Review your code with a mentor


Refactor your code based on mentor feedback




Group code review


Commit your code to GitHub

I started here with almost no knowledge of programming and in 5 months I've learned loads and I’ve found a job - I'm proof that it works!

Francesc Altés
Software Engineer at GetApp

Meet the Mentors

Our team of mentors is made up of people who are passionate about programming. This isn’t simply a job for them, for many, coding has transformed their lives and they are keen to pass on what they know so you too can experience what they do. Receptacles of knowledge, they are here to guide you in your learning process.

Alex Lopez Full Stack Mentor ALEX
Micaela Lescano - Ubiqum Mentor MICAELA
Lluis Garcia Full Stack Mentor LLUÍS
Pol Benedito - Ubiqum Mentor POL
Vasil Gergiev Full Stack Mentor VASIL
Raül Martínez - Ubiqum Mentor RAÜL
Mari Potgieter - Ubiqum Mentor MARí
Mike Kowalewsky - Ubiqum Mentor MICHAL

Start Dates and Tuition

A new Full Stack Java program starts every month in our offices in Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam.

We don’t want financing to be an obstacle. Let’s discuss your options!


50/50 Agreement

Pay 50% when you start and the rest when you get hired!

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Payment Plans

We have a number of payment plans that adapt to each person

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What is the completion rate and student satisfaction?

Our experience and data have shown:

– Completion rate of 98%

– Employment rate of 96% (within two months of completing the course with full-time competitive salaries).

– Student Satisfaction. You can read our students’ testimonials for a better idea of Ubiqum’s results. Everything we do is to help you start your professional life as a Data Analyst, Web Developer, or Mobile Developer. If you put in your best effort, we will do the rest.

We are confident in our methods and content, demonstrated in the fact that we offer an employment guarantee which allows students to pay only half their tuition at the beginning of the course and the rest only once they’ve successfully secured employment.

What is Ubiqum Code Academy’s learning methodology?

Ubiqum uses an immersive project-based curriculum develop by experts from Northwestern's Institute of Learning Sciences. Our learning methodology focuses 100% on “learn by doing”. You will work on projects similar to those you’ll find on the job and complete them using the same tools used by professionals currently in Developer positions. A mentor will be available at all times to provide help and evaluate your work. We offer you a supportive and engaging work environment, where you can feel free to make mistakes and learn from your experiences. This will fully prepare you to think like a coder.

How much access do students have to the mentors?

"Mentors are full-time Ubiqum staff who are onsite every day. Typically, a student will have 1-2 15 minute personal sessions a day, and this is complemented by ""scrum"", the daily stand up, and group code reviews facilitated by the mentors. They also lead guided discussions, or ""spikes"", around shared topics, such as complex problems that multiple students are working on.

If you would like to speak to any of our mentors, they would be more than happy to discuss the course with you. Please speak with our Admissions Team to organise a video teleconference or visit."

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