Data Analytics & Machine Learning

In just 5 months of the Data Analytics & Machine Learning course, you'll acquire the most sought after skills in data analytics and gain access to one of the most in-demand professions in the market.

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Program Details


Acquire the complex skills of a 21st-century business strategist by working through a series of realistic projects. In the Data Analytics & Machine Learning program, you will learn how to apply methods of data analytics to predict buying trends for an online retailer, learn about data mining using R and Python, and develop advanced visualization techniques to make your data sets both intuitive and beautiful. You will also build and deliver convincing presentations to "sell" your ideas.


"During the Data Analytics Course we see how many students, at one point, begin to understand that what we teach them and everything we do at Ubiqum is aimed at learning to think like a professional data analyst."

Our Methodology

What You’ll Learn

When I found Ubiqum and saw that the Data Analytics Course was based around real life projects I knew this was the right course for me

R or python?

The R programming language is the most straightforward language for data analytics, and the best language to learn in order to develop a good data model. It remains essential for most jobs as a data analyst/scientist. It will also help you more quickly learn Python, another fundamental language that you will learn as well at Ubiqum.

Both R and in Python are toolboxes with linear and nonlinear regression algorithms, classical statistics, and machine learning programs, such as clustering or K-Means. Tools that you need to master to reach the position of data analyst you aspire to.


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Projects You'll Work On

Project 1

Develop regression and classification algorithms in RapidMiner and R to analyse customer behaviour and predict future profitability of Blackwell Electronics, a fictional electronics retailer. Collect your findings in a presentation and deliver it to a mock team of non-technical executives.

Predicting Profitability with Rapid Miner

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Aurore Paligot

“In just one week in the Data Analytics Course, I've learned how to apply machine learning techniques in RapidMiner and received great advice from my mentor about how to present my data in an effective way. I can't wait to see what's next!”

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Project 2

As a member of an Internet of Things startup, you have two problems to solve for two fictional clients:

1) Uncovering patterns of energy usage for cleaner energy design
2) Using wifi fingerprinting to determine indoor locationing with GPS. You'll use R to create complex visualisations, descriptive statistics, and predictive models for both problems.

Deep Analytics and Visualisation

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Carles Castillejo

"I found this task quite challenging because of the following:

- Data wrangling (loading and cleaning)
- Dataset dimensions

But I got there in the end!"

See Project

Project 3

As an analyst for a major data analytics firm, your client, Helios, needs to understand how mobile devices are used by aid workers in developing countries. You will crawl large amounts of smartphone data from AWS to construct a predictive model for aid workers' device usage. You will visualize your model and present it.

Web Mining

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Pau Pardo

"In this project, I got an idea of how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be utilised in order to work with a huge amount of data (Big Data)."

Project 4

In the final month of the Data Analytics Course, you will work with the Program Owner to design your own project, for example learning Python to predict and visualise global economic patterns in financial markets.

Design Your Own Analysis

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Juan Manuel

"I’m very interested in exploring how analysing data could help improve living conditions in cities, so I decided to look into how safe the streets of Barcelona are for pedestrians."


A Day in Ubiqum



Plan your day's tasks in Trello


"Scrum" standup meeting


Analyse data in R

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Review your insights with a mentor

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Extract conclusion and recommendations

Data Analytics & Machine Learning



Prepare compelling visualisations

Machine Learning

Present your findings to the group

Data Analytics & Machine Learning
The skills that you learn at Ubiqum are very relevant in the current job market.

Miquel Zelich
Business Analyst for MEDIAURBAN

Start Dates and Tuition

Data Analytics Course starts every 2 weeks in Barcelona (Online due Covid-19), Madrid (Online due Covid-19) and Geneva (Online due Covid-19).

We don’t want financing to be an obstacle. Let’s discuss your options!


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What is the completion rate and student satisfaction?

Our experience and data have shown:

– Completion rate of 98%

– Employment rate of 96% (within two months of completing the course with full-time competitive salaries).

– Student Satisfaction. You can read our students’ testimonials for a better idea of Ubiqum’s results. Everything we do is to help you start your professional life as a Data Analyst, Web Developer, or Mobile Developer. If you put in your best effort, we will do the rest.

We are confident in our methods and content, demonstrated in the fact that we offer an employment guarantee which allows students to pay only half their tuition at the beginning of the course and the rest only once they’ve successfully secured employment.

What is Ubiqum Code Academy’s learning methodology?

Ubiqum uses an immersive project-based curriculum develop by experts from Northwestern's Institute of Learning Sciences. Our learning methodology focuses 100% on “learn by doing”. You will work on projects similar to those you’ll find on the job and complete them using the same tools used by professionals currently in Developer positions. A mentor will be available at all times to provide help and evaluate your work. We offer you a supportive and engaging work environment, where you can feel free to make mistakes and learn from your experiences. This will fully prepare you to think like a coder.

How much access do students have to the mentors?

Mentors are full-time Ubiqum staff who are onsite every day. Typically, a student will have one 15-minute personal session a day, and this is complemented by "scrum", the daily stand up, and group code reviews facilitated by the mentors. They also lead guided discussions, or "spikes", around shared topics, such as complex problems that multiple students are working on.

If you would like to speak to any of our mentors, they would be more than happy to discuss the course with you. Please speak with our Admissions Team to organise a video teleconference or visit.

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