A new era in programming education

More and more students are graduating from colleges and universities with little or no knowledge of how they ought to go about their regular work duties. Does this mean that there is a flaw in the current curriculum’s teaching methodology? And are there any other options to look for when it comes to education options, especially when it comes to coding? Here is a comprehensive piece that elaborates more on Ubiqum’s teaching methodology and how it impacts your productivity once you begin your career.

What is Ubiqum Code Academy?

Ubiqum is a coding school located in Barcelona and with an online campus. Learners living within Barcelona can benefit from this school since there is an Ubiqum learning center in the city. This is not to mean that others are locked out of the learning opportunity. Others from various international countries can have a similar experience by taking the programs online/remote. As you will learn below, Ubiqum methodology fits very well with the online option. The project based approach does not require to attend boring one line lectures a fixed times.

Coding Bootcamp Online

Ubiqum’s Learning Methodology at programming education

Like other coding schools, Ubiqum aims at producing more effective programmers to join the working force. However, this school takes a different approach when it comes to the learning process. While other institutions prefer teaching theory before delving into practical learning, Ubiqum starts with the practical. As you already have guessed, there is no need for theory work once the students learn how to code. In essence, you learn by articulating duties that you would generally be doing once you land your first job.

How do we achieve this

The methodology Ubiqum uses is quite different from other learning institutions in four significant ways.

    1. They do not force any theory work down your throat. You get to learn how to code from the first day you step into the class.
    2. In a regular lecture hall, there has to be an instructor who imparts knowledge to the students. While this approach is subtle, learners at times tend to hold back any concerns they may have, especially if the instructor happens to be strict. As such, Ubiqum avails mentors who take you through the learning process. A majority of these are individuals who have succeeded in cutting a niche for themselves in the coding world. Learners are more likely to listen to and open to someone they consider to be a colleague with more experience, somebody who has followed the same path.
    3. Graded exams can reduce the productivity of some students, especially when they get results that they were not expecting. So, how do you ensure that the learners stay on track without necessarily comparing them against one another? You take away the graded exams, of course. However, it is essential to know whether your learners are still grasping the gist of the content. Ubiqum provides projects regularly to ensure that the students are indeed learning. The mentors review and evaluate the project deliverables, like in real life, and ask for refactoring if the quality is not good enough. Thus every students has a chance to have it done right, in a couple of interactions.
    4. Finally, the methodology Ubiqum incorporates all about real-life situations. So, whether it is a meeting, assignment, or project, students get to handle situations as they would in a professional work setting. You may create a website or an app today, then be required to save it from hacking attempts tomorrow.

Some coding bootcamps are more practical than others. Our methodology is 100% practical and project-based, meaning that students are able to learn and apply their skills in parallel to their learning. You’ll create tangible projects that you can then show to potential employers in the hiring process.

With such approaches at hand, Ubiqum ensures that it does not release half-baked graduates into the work-force.

A Typical Day at Ubiqum

The methodology Ubiqum uses in imparting coding knowledge also differs from the conventional one in the way they plan their day. In a typical setting, students take charge of how they want to spend their day. Be it the classes, how they read, and the details of what they learn, higher education learning centers give the learner full control of their education. In Ubiqum, however, students and mentors integrate to come up with a dense learning system, as shown below.

  • Plan – Mentors and learners take time to have a quick meeting where they jot down an overall plan of how they would like to spend the day. This daily stand up meetings are taken from agile methods, like in real life. The mentor collects info from every student’s progress and provides useful details that guide the students in planning for their day.
  • Action – In this step, the students work on the tasks they had outlined with their instructor. This is the doing part. It takes the most of the day for each student. Practice, practice and more practice.
  • Feedback – This step is the most critical one considering that it helps the mentor to gauge how much content each student has managed to grasp. In case there are any unfamiliar or grey areas, learners are encouraged to use this forum to get the necessary clarification. The instructor will then provide reviews on the tasks, which help the learners to up their coding game. This feedback is provided in group sessions and  one-to one.
  • Refactoring – The life of a coder is 10% creation and 90% corrections. These corrections of the code to make it better, simpler and more efficient are know as refactoring. Practice is the virtue that makes any craftsman’s work perfect. With each assignment, the students are required to produce the best results within the shortest time possible once they receive reviews from their mentors.


Ubiqum is so sure of their teaching tactics, which is why they allow the learner to pay a 50% down payment of the fees at the beginning of the session. The remaining payment is made after the learner successfully lands their first gig after graduation.

Ubiqum has a physical campus in Barcelona and an online one that takes students from all Europe. Our programs are:

.- Full stack Development with JavaScript/MERN (3 months)

.- Full Stack Development with Java (5 months)

.- Data Analytics and Machine Learning (5 months)

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