Key programming courses to become a real web programmer

Becoming a real web programmer is now more possible than ever. Ubiqum Code Academy offers you not only an effective practical methodology but also the possibility to join any of the programming courses to get the training and education to become a professional web programmer in no time.

Intrigued? Keep on reading and find out more about Ubiqum’s methodology and the different programming courses you can join.

Ubiqum Code Academy: methodology and programming courses

At Ubiqum Code Academy you won’t find teachers, exams nor boring theoretical classes. From day one you will start coding with no need of previous notions on the matter. Ubiqum’s methodology is simple and effective: it’s based on learning by doing.

Therefore, the programming courses at Ubiqum are fully practical. Every day you will be working on real projects so as to become a real professional on this field. Moreover 96% of our students do get a job in no time after finishing their course.

Neither age nor previous training are needed to start doing and learning what excites you.

Ubiqum has offices in Barcelona, which able us to train people throughout many different geographic locations. This is the reason why both group projects and the whole learning process that our programming courses involve are carried out in English. This will also help and encourage you to consider applying to great foreign companies in the future.

Last but not least, a very interesting feature of Ubiqum’s methodology is the tracking process carried out by a broad mentor team that our programming courses have. Depending on the area of studies you choose to enroll in, you will have an available mentor, professional in that specific area that will be guiding, supporting and helping you throughout your learning process.

The programming courses available at Ubiqum Code Academy are:

In the next lines we will develop further on the specific contents you will learn in each programming course.

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Java Web Development Programming Course

In our Java Web Development Programming Course you will fathom the computing world to understand and develop virtually any kind of software. You will learn everything you need to know to become a web developer, one of the professional profiles that are currently in high demand. You will get to know the most popular languages used for front-end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) as well as for back-end (Java).

The program you will join, the Java program, covers a great variety and amount of processes such as system creation, desktop applications, web services, websites, videogames and cell phone apps. Throughout the course’s projects you will create a website from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3. You will develop a web app as well by using JavaScript and you will fully design and program a videogame using Java.

Not only will you learn one of the most popular programming languages but you will do it so smoothly i will even seem easy. Moreover, experts in the matter do recommend beginning with Java when taking up programming, since it provides you with the basic notions you will later apply to other languages.

Among the rest of the programming courses available at Ubiqum, the Java Web Development Course consists of 800 hours distributed throughout 5 months.

Data Analytics & Machine Learning Programming Course

During the Data Analytics & Machine Learning Programming Course, the key points and training needed to become a real data analyst will be available to you. This is a professional profile that is on high demand, a trend that has strengthened along the last years and has yet not shown any sign of future changes. Moreover, experts in the matter have stated the demand will only increase in the next 5 years.

What will you discover in this course? With our most qualified mentors’ help you will plunge into the business world to learn to think as a true strategist. Furthermore, by extracting, analyzing and visualizing massive volumes of data you will work as a real data analyst, getting involved in real-world projects and cases. You will master different elements commonly used by data analysts, such as the programming languages R and Python, Machine Learning Algorithms and the most advanced visualization techniques.

The projects you will be carrying out are very diverse: prediction the profitability of a new product, visualization of energy usage patterns, opinion mining and feeling analysis as well as your own analytics project design. This way you will be able to formulate hypothesis, design and prepare datasets, apply algorithms, extract and analyze data, create data visualizations and execute and obtain conclusions for your own hypothesis.

The Data Analytics & Machine Learning Programming Course is fully practical, an intensive course that lasts for 5 months, with an 800 hour span distributed on a full-time schedule. This way you will become a real professional data analyst.

JavaScript Web Development Programming Course

The JavaScript Web Development Programming Course is very similar to the Java Web Development Programming Course aforementioned. Its goal is to provide you with the basic tools and a solid knowledge without plunging into complex coding.

Whether you have previous experience coding or not is irrelevant. What matters is your enthusiasm and excitement towards learning this content, because in a really short period of time you will do an intense programming course to acquire the basics so as to learn to code. You will get an important base in front-end and back-end, becoming an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Bootstrap and MERN Stack. These notions are the ones you will apply in real projects such as the development of web and cellphone apps.

Some of these projects focus on the creation, design and coding of a website for a football league, developing an interactive app for voters in the US, improving and optimizing a website or creating a web app for the traveling and hotel industry.

This course last for 3 months, with an overall span of 500 hours on a full-time schedule.

Part-time JavaScript Web Development Programming Course

This last programming course that the Ubiqum Code Academy offers is aimed for those coding lovers who, for whatever reason it may be, do have schedule and compatibility problems with full-time courses such the JavaScript Web Development Programming Course.

Therefore the Part-time JavaScript Web Development Programming Course consists of the combination of on-site and off-site training. It is a great opportunity to be able to get the training and education you need in order to become a proficient professional in the tech industry without disturbing your current routine and commitments.

Just as the JavaScript Web Development Programming Course, you will start coding from day one. You will learn the practical way, getting involved in real projects and supported by our mentors throughout your learning process. Also, you will learn how to use some of the most valuable programming resources: languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as tools like React, Mongo.db, Express and Node.js.

The course lasts for 10 weeks, with 8 on-site hours and from 10 to 12 flexible hours you can use to your best interest.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

Do not hesitate and enroll any of the programming courses at Ubiqum Code Academy

As shown above, every Ubiqum programming course is very complete and oriented towards providing you with the best training so you can become a proficient professional in this industry.

Ubiqum Code Academy is your programming school. Here we can help you as we are a high performance center for beginners in web development learning and data analytics with a 100% practical methodology.

If you have any concern or doubt, our Career Advisor team will be delighted to help you in any way possible.