Why should you consider learning to code skills through a part-time course?

Although you have quite a career in your field, why is it still hard for you to find better job opportunities? The problem may be the great and rapid evolution in the way business are done. The technological progress of the last years has a lot to do with this. The world economy is moving towards a full digital transformation and digital skills are required in any job.

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Maybe you will have to accept that your current skills are not enough anymore to have a successful career. If this were the case, it’s time to make a drastic change in your professional activity. Adapt or perish, as they say. How can you do so? The answer is easy: learn Programing or Data Analytics skills through a part-time course.

Why part time?

The part time programs we offer at Ubiqum are meant for people that want to get new digital skills but they cannot afford to leave their current job, thus, our part-time/flexible approach allows them to make a career change or upgrade while keeping their current job.

We offer two options of career change (or upgrade):

  1. Web development. Learning the fundamentals of SW engineering to help your company to digitize the business processes where you are already a functional expert.
  2. Data Analytics. Learning the foundations of Data-driven decision making, to aspire to higher management positions.

Why should you become a Digital Expert?

The reasons to take up  a Web Development or Data Analytics program are many and good. In the following lines we will estate some of the benefits of taking up a part-time coding course:

Benefits of learning Software Development

Software Development is a profession in itself. Thus, the first advantage of learning it, is to become a professional Software Developer. But this is just one of the options.

You may be a professional with sound expertise in any functional area of the company. Be it Logistics, Marketing, Sales, HR or Finance, to name few.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

And your company may already have started a “Digital Transformation Process” or  the top management is evaluating how and when to start it.  What is, then, the potential benefit for you taking one of our programs? . The point with “Digital Transformation” is the application of Information Technology to as many processes as possible to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of the company.

In a digitalized company, technology is pervasive. And, to implement technology in any business process you need two parts: one is a full understanding of the business process, that you already have as a functional expert. Second is a deep understanding of technology, how it works, how can be developed and how can be implemented. These are the skills that you will acquire in our program. Your functional expertise jointly with the technical skills you will acquire in Ubiqum will make you an invaluable resource to any “digital transformation process“. Your market value will increase dramatically by coupling those skills.

And, the good news is that you do not need to leave your job and lose your career track to upskill yourself. You can do it by taking our part-time/flexible web development or data analytics program.

Benefits of learning Data Analytics.

Besides the application of technology to improve any business process, the digital economy is well known for the large amounts of data that produces and stores.

On top of the transactional databases that companies have, such as payroll, accounting, sales, procurement, etc, the digital economy has added all the interactions in the web that a company has with third parties and an enormous amount of data that can be shared with other organizations.

All these data is organized in different databases, with names like data marts, data lakes or data warehouses,  and is available to data analysts to create models and  to answer and solve complex business questions and issues. The future of management is clearly led towards “Data-driven decision  making“.

Any person that aspires to reach a top management position in the next 5 to 10 years will must to have these data analytics skills.

If you are already an expert in any functional field in the company and you want to improve the chances to reach a top management position, upskilling yourself in Data Analytics and Machine Learning is a sure strategy to get there.

Ubiqum’s offer to busy professionals

Do you want to learn tech skills, and you want to keep your current job? Would you like to use your free time, holidays and/or weekends to gain these skills?  Then Ubiqum’s part-time/Flexible courses is just what you need to achieve your goal.

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Benefits of learning part-time at Ubiqum

Sign up for any of these courses (Web development or Data Analyticsto get the experience, skills and confidence you need to join one of the most competitive and demanding job markets. During the course at Ubiqum, you will meet very talented people with aspirations similar to yours.  Enroll in our programs and join the ranks of technology experts, one of the most promising jobs there are on Earth