Web and Mobile applications

What is a mobile application or app?

There are two types of software.

System software: Also known as the Operating System, it manages the internal affair of computer operations. The manufacturer of your computer installs the software to manage your printer, storage devices, and others. Typically, it’s already installed when you receive the hardware .

Application software: It performs tasks as guided by the user. For example, Microsoft word manipulates your data as you guide it. You have to install the software on your computer or phone for you to use it. If software performs its task according to your request, then that’s an application program.

Mobile Apps: What you need to know

Some years ago, before the appearance of mobile devices, application software  was mainly used on laptops and for internal company purposes only. Think about an accounting system or a payroll one. With the appearance of the first mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) some people started using technology to solve real life problems for broad audiences and the business of mobile apps was created.  The apps you use in your mobile to operate with your bank, to book seats in a movie theater or to listen to your favourite songs in Spotify  are good examples of this phenomenon.

There are two types of mobile apps, pre-installed and downloadable apps. During the manufacturing of phones, the manufacturer pre-install the app, which makes the phone useful. To illustrate, the first apps you find on your phone are pre-installed. Calendar, Contacts book, or the app store are pre-installed apps.

The other type of mobile apps are those you download from any app store. These apps were developed by people like you, whose dream is to design a mobile app.

If you think that developing apps is something attractive  and that you would like to learn how to develop a professional career as a web and mobile software developer, you can do it. In just 3 months you can have the basic necessary skills to start your career.

Reasons why you should take coding classes

When developing an app, your focus should be on users. Ask yourself how the app is going to help the user and whether it will be easy to interact with it. The first approach is a business approach, developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to explore what functions your users value. But in parallel you need to have a sound knowledge in software development, and, specifically, in Web and Mobile development.

Develop your MVP

Developers for mobile application programs have to be innovative, determined, and able to identify a niche in the market. For instance, developing a music app might not be rewarding because the world has more than enough of that. However, if you look for something else that is yet to be covered, your app will boom.

If you have an idea you need to start by testing it before going to a complete and expensive development. This approach is known as a Minimum Viable Product. You can search the web and will find tons of articles talking about this.

If you want to get the right skills to build an MVP our program Full Stack Development with JavaSCript/MERN is the most adequate to cover this purpose.

Availability of Jobs

Average US Web Development Salaries in 2022

A second career option is to become a full member in a software development team. With the skills you will learn at Ubiqum you can find a job. There are thousands of jobs waiting for you in the tech industry. You just need to reskill yourself in one of our programs. If becoming a Full stack developer is your plan, then our Web development with Java program is your best choice.

Pick the Right Language for Developing an App

Typically, the bootcamp you choose will take you through several languages, and thus you’ll select the most ideal option.

At Ubiqum you will learn the most fundamental languages to work as a web and mobile developer:

.- Front End. It has three main languages that you must learn. HTML, CSS and JavaSCript.

.- Back End. You can choose among two options: back end with JavaSCript/MERN (Mong.db, Express, React and Node.JS) or back end with Java. Both options are available at Ubiqum

Take Away

Before you start developing an app, or searching for a new job as a SW developer you need to learn basic skills that are at everybodies reach. This will help you start your project and see it through completion. Therefore, take your time deciding what you want then proceed to enroll in a web and mobile development bootcamp and start your new career in Tech.