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It’s official, learning computer programming by specialized courses is a trend. But that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually great. There’s quite a lot of companies, entrepreneurs and celebrities who have been working to make coding cool and attractive for everyone. And these have really yielded good results: Coding is hot now, and many people want to learn how to do it.

What has changed? Ten years ago, coding or computer programming was seeing as something that just a few kids in the 70s and 80s learned because their parents gave them some old computer, among other stereotypes. This is luckily not the case anymore, and many people have gone from no-coding experience to full-time developer in even less than a year.

What exactly is programming?

Programming is very easy and very hard to explain at the same time, but surprisingly, it’s not all that difficult to learn.

There are some beautiful definitions of programming that say something like “programming is all about solving problems”, which is pretty accurate, but not entirely clear if you’ve never programmed before. Others like to define it as “telling a computer what to do”, which is also true, and probably more accurate, but still not totally clear.

Let’s complement the notions of computer programming being about solving problemsand telling a computer what to do, with the usage of something called a programming language, which is a series of commands you type, with the help of logic, to create a program.

And what is a program? This is actually an important question, because programs are not only text processors, web browsers or graphic design tools.

Software has many shapes. Sometimes, it doesn’t have a graphical interface, sometimes it’s embedded on a device. What matters is: all software was created typing a programming language in a logical way, to indicate a computer how to solve a problem.

Finally, learning by trying is often the best way to understand something, so you might want to try some free online resource to walk your first steps into coding.

Why are so many people interested in learning programming?

As we’ve said, coding is hot right now, and many people really want to learn how to do it, especially after seeing that many people who learned to program landed a job in tech, even if they weren’t at all into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) before.

The thing is that, as we use more and more technologythe Internet, mobile apps, videogames and do things with the help of computer programs; the demand for people who know how to code keeps growing.

And here’s a little secret: You don’t need to have been using a computer since you were a toddler, be a math genius or spend most of the day in a dark room looking at the screen and coding without ever interacting with others to become a professional coder, or to enjoy programming for that matter.

One of the most exciting things about learning programming is it has multiple benefits. Yes, you can land a six-figure tech job, which is already amazing, but the benefits of learning how to code are more diverse and even unexpected.

In the economic aspect, coding or programming has been defined as one of the most important skills people could have in the future, or even the most important skill according to some. But, why would knowing how to code be so important in the near future?

For tech jobs, the answer is pretty obvious, as most technologies require programming. Whether you are directly or indirectly involved in the programming team, understanding what is happening is very valuable.

But what about non-tech jobs? Technology, and especially software is increasingly important in everyone’s lives, to the point that some people cannot perform their job, or not completely, without using a certain program or application. And even by just learning the very basics of programming, you can understand what the software you use is actually doing.

So, as more and more companies and personalities keep saying that programming will be an essential tool to find a job in the future, the more people’s interest on learning programming will spark.

And of course, for those wanting to be part of the group of people who changed their lives by learning code and were able to land a high-paying, stable and rewarding job doing programming, even coming from no-coding background at all; learning programming is the way to go, and the good news is that we can all do it.

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    Best ways to learn programming

    Hopefully by now you are already excited, committed and motivated to start programming, and the logical next question is to wonder how? Luckily, there’s not a single answer to this question anymore, as there’s a wide variety of learning resources available online, for free, or very affordable.

    Yet, you will encounter a pretty overwhelming amount of tutorials and learning resources in several formats, such as videos, books, articles, interactive applications and tutorials to learn, etc.

    There are many ways to solve the issue of lacking a structured learning program, as many people have created comprehensive curriculums to learn web development, front-end development, back-end development and even data analytics/science on your own.

    For those who don’t want to go the traditional route of attending college, either because they don’t like that way of learning, or due to the overprice of some university programs; and yet, would like to have the good benefits of having dedicated teachers and a structured curriculum to learn, there’s the coding bootcamp.

    Is a coding bootcamp worth it to land a tech job?

    First of all, what is a coding bootcamp? A coding bootcamp can be defined as the answer to the needs of some self-learning to have the valuable help of teachers and mentors without the pressures of traditional education, such as tests, grading, or too-high fees.

    In a coding bootcamp, a group of students will enroll in a web developmentsoftware development or full-stack development program.

    During the time of the program, which is usually 2 to 8 months, with full-timepart-time, on campus and online options, the students will learn the skills, languages and technologiesthat tech-companies want their employees to know.

    What makes coding bootcamps and Ubiqum so special, is that they can really help you to learn all of the technologies companies want their developers to know, and in the case of Ubiqum, we teach on a 100% learning by doing approach, which has proven to be really good and effective.

    Nowadays, people coming from absolutely any background, with zero coding experience, are able to learn the skills needed to land a well-paying and rewarding job in tech; this means you don’t need to go to university first, and even learn those on your own.

    However, coding bootcamps offer a focused coding program that will teach you the things you need, and help you to make exciting coding projects that go straight into your portfolio, which is one of the most decisive factors when looking for a job, especially a job on web development or data analytics.

    Why learning programming at Ubiqum Code Academy?

    There are many good coding bootcamps around, and hundreds of happy graduates have been able to land the developer job they wanted. But choosing which bootcamp to enroll to is a very important decision, and we should evaluate our options and possibilities well.

    If you are in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam or Madrid; or if you are willing to relocate for a few months (depending on the program), to one of these beautiful cities to immerse yourself in a fresh and modern learning experience, then Ubiqum might be a great option for you.

    Here at Ubiqum we believe in learning by doing, and having dedicated mentors instead of teachers, so that you can always count on someone who is willing to teach and has the experience and knowledge to do so; with the benefits of a more personalized experience.

    Also, you’ll be working on code from day one, but don’t worry, no tests or intimidating grading; it’s all about learning and applying what you’ve learnt. Within just a couple weeks, you’ll be coding your first web development project, which will boost your confidence, get you excited, and you’ll be making a portfolio that will help you to get your dreamed tech job.

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      Find out about how we can help you launch your new and exciting career in tech!

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