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“I learned a lot. Now that I’ve experienced the ‘learning by doing’ methodology and that I know how to program in JavaScript, I feel I can easily learn any other language by myself, whereas before I didn’t even know where to start.”

Anyone who decides to enter the world of programming will face some difficulties. It does not matter if they are related to coding, the methods or the tools used – any task can be very difficult to perform when we don’t have the necessary experience, and it can be especially hard if you try to learn on your own. However, if you want to learn programming languages, we have created a summary with an overview of the things you might need to take your first steps in the world of code programming, commands, and script language.

What does it take to learn programming languages?

You just need to want to do it. Motivation is the only thing you should carry in your backpack when you decide to learn programming. At Ubiqum we teach you how to do it in a 100% practical way.

It has been said in many occasions that those who wish to learn a programming language should be willing to read, spend time on forums, and read books dealing with this topic. There are excellent books that can help us to establish some knowledge bases, but learning programming demands practice, practice and more practice. Programming computers is a highly complex professional skill and in professional skills theory is not the most important piece. Practice and doing in a professional setting is what you need to develop your skills. 

What are the most important programming languages?

If you search in google asking how many programing languages exist, the result is 700. But as a novice who wants to start learning to get a junior job as a developer or a data analysts, you need to learn only the ones described below.

The most used programming languages are:

If you want to become a software developer, you need to master the main programs used for the Front end and the back end:

  • Front end languages.
    • HTML and CSS. These are the coding languages to give instructions to the navigator. They do not have logic, just give instructions on what info to show (content) and how to show it (design). At Ubiqum you learn the basic of the m in 2 weeks.
    • Javascript: This language is one of the most popular for web and mobile apps. This is a real programing language and you can learn the basic of programing with JavaScript. This is the language that gives action and  dynamism to any web or mobile app in the front end. 
  • Back End languages:
    • One simple and straightforward way of developing the back end of and app is using JavaScript with a set of tools know as MERN. Mern stands for Mongo.DB, Express, React and Node.JS.  
    • JAVA: The second and most popular option for a back end language is Java. This is one of the most popular languages ​​of all times, and currently has 9 million developers and powers more than 7 billion devices worldwide. Java has characterized by the fact that its code could be executed with any operating system. In addition, Java has one of the fastest virtual machines. Java is the preferred choice of systems engineers.

If you want to become a data scientist, these are the languages you need to master:

  • Data Analytics and Machine learning:
    • Python is becoming the most popular language for data Science. Its simplicity compared to other similar ones and its power of calculation and to code complex logic algorithms are making of Python the preferred language for data Scientist.
    • R is similar to python. At the beginning it seemed it was going to be the language of Data Scientist. It is very used in academic settings and very powerful. Jointly with Python are the two languages that you will learn at Ubiqum.
    • SQL: This is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed to manage relational database management systems.

10 most in demmand programming languages in 2022

Why learning programming at Ubiqum Code Academy?

There are many good coding bootcamps around, and hundreds of happy graduates have been able to land the tech job they wanted. But choosing which bootcamp to enroll to is a very important decision, and we should evaluate our options and possibilities well.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

If you are in Barcelona, or if you are willing to relocate for a few months (depending on the program), to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to immerse yourself in a fresh and modern learning experience, then Ubiqum might be a great option for you. Or if you prefer you can take the program online/remote/flexible with the many advantages that this modality provides. 

Ashley Cramer aprender Java con camiseta de Ubiqum

Here at Ubiqum we believe in learning by doing, and having dedicated mentors instead of teachers, so that you can always count on someone who is willing to teach and has the experience and knowledge to do so; with the benefits of a more personalized experience.

Also, you’ll be working on code from day one, but don’t worry, no tests or intimidating grading; it’s all about learning and applying what you’ve learnt. Within just a couple of weeks, you’ll be coding your first web development project, which will boost your confidence, get you excited, and you’ll be making a portfolio that will help you to get your dreamed tech job.

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