What percentage of applicants get accepted?

If you meet the criteria below then it’s 95% likely that we will accept your application.

Are you passionate and highly motivated, with a clear idea of your career goals? If yes, then Ubiqum wants you. We don’t require you to have a University degree, but we do our due diligence to ensure:

  • You understand the course content and our learning methodology
  • You can demonstrate a clear enthusiasm for your chosen topic
  • You have a good grasp of written and spoken English

If you are serious about one of Ubiqum’s programs, we encourage you to speak to an admissions manager and to have a discussion about whether our programs are suitable for you.

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from business to law, scientific research and even a former baker and food delivery courier, so let us know what your situation is and we’ll assess your case personally.

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