What kind of payment plans do you offer?

The current payment options that we offer for the full-time bootcamps are:

  1. a) Upfront: Benefit from a 10% discount if you pay upfront before the start of the course. 
  2. b) 50/50 employment commitment: A payment plan in the form of 50% of the course fees are paid upfront before the start of the course and the remaining 50% upon job hire. This payment plan entitles the student to a 5% discount. Subject to Terms & Conditions.
  3. c) Installments:· An upfront payment of 2.000 € when you sign up for the course· A monthly fee (varies per city) until the end of the course· A final payment is to be made once the student is hired, (see Job Hire conditions). This method is proof of Ubiqum’s commitment to help students find high quality employment quickly.

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