What is the mentor’s role in the program?

Our mentors play many roles that are vital to our programs. They are not only experts on the content, but also work as project managers and career mentors. One thing they don’t do is what you might expect them to do: lecture. This is because our approach is 100% project-based.

Students work in a way that mirrors the types of activities they will engage in on the job. One of the most important aspects of our “learn by doing” approach is providing students with adequate support to figure out how to solve these problems themselves. Once a student can think for themselves, they are far more likely to succeed as a full-time developer after completing the bootcamp.

Mentors are there to help you learn the skills needed to become a professional and they won’t rest until you can demonstrate those skills to them. They will not tell you how to code; rather, they will guide you through the practice of coding, helping you to find your own answers and intervening when you get stuck. They also serve as Agile Project Managers. Each morning, they will kick off the day with an Agile stand-up meeting, in which you will report your progress and discuss what you plan to achieve that day. They also facilitate collaborative code reviews, in which members of each cohort present their work and discuss it together.

Unlike in other bootcamps, our mentors are full-time Ubiqum staff. They actively contribute to the company culture and are an essential part of the onsite experience. As project managers, their role is to support and guide you.

At Ubiqum, we believe that people learn by doing, not by being taught. The role of our mentors in the program is set up to reflect this philosophy and strongly differentiates us from other bootcamps.

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