How much does it cost? How much are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees for our 5-month programs

· Madrid: 9.400 €

· Barcelona: 9.400 €

· Berlin: 9.900 €

· Amsterdam: 9.900 €

Tuition fees for our 3-month program

· Madrid: 6.250 €

· Barcelona: 6.250 €

· Berlin: 6.900 €

· Amsterdam: 6.900 €

We also offer a range of payment plans.

For all details on scholarships, please contact the Admissions team at


Once a student confirms that they want to join Ubiqum, they have 30 days to make their deposit. For local students, the deposit is 400€ and for non-eu nationals the deposit is 1.500€. The deposit of 400€ is non-refundable and allows any student to keep their spot on the course reserved during the period of one year (you can choose your preferred start date).

There are only two exceptions to this rule:

    1. A student may request a refund of their deposit if they have an issue with their Visa that prevents them from studying. In this case, the student must provide written evidence of their Visa refusal.
  1. A student may request a refund of their deposit if the Ubiqum Code Academy course date is changed or cancelled from the date they booked. In no circumstance is Ubiqum Code Academy liable for any pre-booked accommodation or external factors to the Ubiqum Code Academy course itself. This should be noted by Ubiqum Code Academy students before they prepare travel and accommodation.

Payment Collection

Please note that Ubiqum students should pay their first instalment of the course before the course begins.

If this payment is not received by Ubiqum Code Academy before the commencement of the course, Ubiqum Code Academy may, at their discretion, re-allocate the place reserved for the student to a student on the waiting list, in which case the original student will no longer be able to attend the course and will not be entitled to a refund of their deposit.

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