How much access do students have to the mentors?

Mentors are full-time Ubiqum staff and are onsite every day. To ensure you get enough time with them, you are encouraged to book 1:1 meetings with a mentor using Calendly. Typically, a student will have 2-3, 30 min personal sessions a week, and this is complemented by a daily stand-up meeting, which is a great chance to introduce a new topic, task or troubleshoot in a group setting. The daily stand-up varies in length depending on what task you’re on and what issues everyone is facing, but on average it lasts between 30-45 minutes.

On top of the daily meeting, your mentor will organise a weekly group code review session and also organise daily impromptu group coaching sessions. In total, you will find the Ubiqum experience very similar to a work environment. You will have a clear set of tasks to work on during the day, and as and when you get stuck, you will have sessions with the mentors to clarify your understanding. This translates to a highly effective way of learning which puts a greater emphasis on “learning by doing”, rather than theoretical lecture-based teaching of which you will only absorb around 2-5%. We calculate that the average student will put in around 800 hours of work – the mentors will be on hand at all times.

If you would like to speak to any of our mentors, they would be more than happy to discuss the course with you. Please speak with our Admissions Team to organise a Skype/visit.

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