Are the courses classroom-based or online?

We offer both full-time onsite courses and a part-time remote course in Data Analytics. We also offer “MERN” Stack Development, which runs over 12 weeks. 

All of the content has been digitalised and can be accessed online from the academy and at home. Our programs will effectively help you to simulate the real life of a Software Developer or Data Analyst.

Onsite, our classrooms don’t have typical layouts. The workspace is similar to that of leading technology companies; your desk will form part of a small pod, grouped together with other coders, and you will have access to all the usual amenities, including kitchenette, water cooler, coffee, and cookies. Some academies may benefit from extras provided by the coworking space, for example, in Barcelona Cloudworks provides free breakfast on Mondays and many events during the week. 

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