Data analytics and machine learning course

Learn Python, R and SQL as well as the main Machine Learning algorithms. You will learn how to create large data models to solve complex business problems.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning Course Description

Unleash your potential in a 480-hour program designed for hands-on learning with the continuos help of your personal mentor. Learn to handle complex data structures and how to use advanced Machine Learning algorithms and techniques. Gain the skills to thrive in the field of data analysis confidently. You will develop three complete projects. You will learn Python, R and SQL programming languages and to handle and manipulate large and complex data structures. You will reach a high performance level in creating analytic models with the use of the main Machine Learning algorithms

Our Data Analytics and Machine Learning Course or bootcamp is designed for people with technical and business experience and places them at a magnificent level of knowledge to apply this new skills to their current job or to start a career as a Data Analyst.

Course content

At Ubiqum, we offer you a practical and professional training in This Course in Data Analytics. This course is made up of 3 projects, with which you will acquire the skills and practical experience necessary for your first job.

What will you learn in the data science course?

Choose the modality that best suits you.

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Our course methodology and organization empower you to flexibly combine these elements according to your schedule. You have the flexibility to adapt, allowing for changes during the course to accommodate any shifts in your personal situation. The Data Analytics and Machine Learning course allows you to combine these elements at your best convenience and even change them during the course, if your personal situation requires it.

At your pace.

full time

With a dedication of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Our methodology learning by doing by projects allows you flexibility in the hours of dedication throughout the day. Organize your time at your convenience as long as you respect deadlines and personal meetings with your mentor. You're never alone. Your mentor is available for any questions other than scheduled one-to-one meetings.

part time

Designed for those people who want to maintain their current job while preparing to change or improve their professional position. Three hours of daily dedication are estimated, from Monday to Friday, to work on course tasks, with total flexibility of schedules, except for personal meetings with the mentor, which have a fixed calendar. You're never alone, your mentor is available when you need him, apart from the planned one-to-one meetings. 

Where you want


Working online from home and connected with your mentor by slack, email and video conference. Ideal for part-time people who have to combine their professional life with the course. And for those people who live in areas of the territory where there is no possibility of going to a physical campus.

on campus

For those people who live in the city environment and want to have a face-to-face experience, we offer the possibility of going to our Barcelona campus where you will have a work and collaboration space with your mentor and your colleagues.

Choose the combination that best suits your needs. Consult our career advisors if you have any questions.

The ubiqum experience

The Data Analytics and Machine Learning Bootcamp is organised on a project basis. The projects are designed by our product team, for educational purposes. They are fully practical and professional. Learning by doing at its full development. This Course in Data Analytics puts the student into a real life working environment to make a realistic exercise with real life tasks and assignments.

How a course in Ubiqum works

Our Students' Testimonials

Our methodology is innovative and very efficient.
All our students are testimonies of the high degree of learning they have acquired at Ubiqum.
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Since 2016, more than 1.100 students have found employment in leading companies

How to achieve a successful professional transition?

"Boosting My Career" is the job search program, included in the course, with which we help our students start their new digital career. Ubiqum courses provide deep and lasting learning that we complete with the activities necessary to access your new job.

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Personalized mentor
Flexible schedule
480 hours

on campus

Personalized mentor
Flexible schedule
480 hours

payment options

Cash payment

If you pay in full before the start of the course, we offer you a discount and you get the best price. 5% online and 10% on-campus.


You pay 50% before the start of the course and the rest in monthly installments during the course. Without aditional costs.

Installment payment

This format allows you to pay in monthly installments.

Income Share Agreement

Start the course now and pay when you start your new job.
(*) Conditions to qualify

*Requirements: | Between 22 and 35 years of age | University Degree (STEM is highly valued) | A good level of English | Residing stably in Spain | EU work permit |

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