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Design and build a website, make it responsive for mobile users, and then launch your own video game powered by Java. These are some of the awesome projects our students have done. Click on the cards to learn more!

"Battle of Yavin"

Micaela Lescano

Java Developer Program

Micaela merged her love of Star Wars with the mechanics of the battleship game, designing the front-end and ships to replicate the Galactic Empire. Follow the link to find out how she made it and actually play the game!



Full Stack Java Development

Berenguer wanted to maintain the aesthetics of 80's battleship games whilst implementing the new functionalities of HTML5, giving naval strategists a way of visualising the momentum of every game in real time!

"Memory Frame"

Sophie Willis

Sophie combined her knowledge of JavaScript and user-centred design to produce a mobile app which allows users to upload photos in real time and personalise them with an individual message

Watch Berenguer’s video game in action

Combining his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Boot Strap, and Java and love of design, Berenguer used Java to create the game mechanics and then designed all of his ships from scratch. Watch the game in action now.

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Find out more
In just 5 months I went from not knowing anything about programming to getting a job as a developer!
Francesc Altés
Software Engineer at GetApp

24-year-old Francesc broke into tech with absolutely no prior experience

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