Power Bi Course

You'll gain proficiency in Python, R, and SQL fundamentals, along with mastering key Machine Learning algorithms. Additionally, you'll learn advanced techniques in utilizing the Microsoft Power BI tool.

power Bi course Description:

This module is tailored for individuals with lower technical backgrounds aiming to enter data analysis. Proficiency in Power BI enhances employability, while learning Python, R, SQL, and complex data manipulation places them at an advanced level in Business Intelligence.

Through 480 hours of personalized mentoring, participants will complete three projects. They’ll master Python, R, SQL programming, data manipulation, and delve into advanced use of the sought-after Power BI tool.

Course content

At Ubiqum, we provide practical, professional training in Data Analytics  Machine Learning and Power BI. Through three projects, you’ll gain the essential skills and hands-on experience required for your initial job in this field. Proficiency in Power BI enhances your employability in the expanding realm of Business Intelligence.

Data Analytics with Python

In the first project, the student works as a data analyst for a distribution company. Their mission is to use data mining and machine learning techniques to investigate patterns in sales data and provide insights into customer buying trends and preferences. All this is executed using Python and SQL libraries for data extraction and manipulation.

In this first module the student gets a first complete experience of a data analysis process. From the formulation of the business problem, the preparation of the data set, the creation of a model using a machine learning algorithm, to the presentation of recommendations to the business.

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Data Science with Python

In this second module the student has a different mission.

Your job as a Data Scientist will be to identify which customer attributes are significantly related to non-payment situations. He is asked to build a predictive model that can be used to better classify customers compared to previously implemented models. Regression methods are used. Your work should be submitted as a Jupyter Notebook (Python tool) to your GitHub account.

Cursos de Programación con mentores


During this course, students will have the opportunity to create a dashboard using Power BI, from scratch. Covering the whole cycle, from importing the data, processing it and creating the metrics that will help them to create the final model. During the process, the student works as a consultant for AdventureWorks, a company specialising in the sale of clothing and sporting goods.

In addition, and as a result of the student’s experience with Python in the previous modules, they will be introduced to DAX, the tool’s own language, which will allow them to make advanced use of it and make it highly employable.

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What am I going to learn?

Choose the modality that suits you best.

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Our course methodology and structure enable you to blend these components according to your schedule and even make adjustments during the course to accommodate any changes in your personal situation.

Full time

With a dedication of eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. Our project-based learning by doing methodology allows you flexibility in the hours of dedication throughout the day. Organise your time at your convenience as long as you respect deadlines and personal meetings with your mentor. You are never alone. Your mentor is available for any queries apart from scheduled one-to-one meetings.


Designed for those who want to keep their current job while preparing to change or improve their professional position. An estimated three hours of daily dedication, Monday to Friday, to work on the tasks of the course, with total flexibility of schedules, except for the personal meetings with the mentor that have a fixed calendar. You are never alone, your mentor is available whenever you need him/her, apart from the planned one-to-one meetings.

Wherever you want


Working online from home and connected to your mentor by slack, email and video conferencing. Ideal for part-time people who have to combine their professional life with the course. And for those who live in areas of the territory where there is no possibility of going to a physical campus.

On campus

For those who live in the city and want to have a face-to-face experience, we offer the possibility of coming to our Barcelona campus where you will have a work space and collaboration with your mentor and classmates.

Choose the combination that best suits your needs. Consult our career advisors if you have any questions.

The Ubiqum experience

The Power BI Course is project-based, meticulously designed by our product team for educational purposes. They are entirely practical and professional, emphasizing a “learning by doing” approach.

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Our methodology is innovative and highly efficient.
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Personalised mentor
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480 hours

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Personalised mentor
Flexible timetable
480 hours


Cash payment

If you pay in full before the course starts, we offer you a discount and you get the best price. 5% for online and 10% for on-campus.


You pay 50% before the course starts and the rest in monthly instalments during the course. No additional cost.

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This format allows you to pay in monthly instalments.

Income Share Agreement

Start now and pay when you get a job (*) see requirements to qualify.

*Requirements: | Between 22 and 35 years of age | Higher Education Degree (STEM is valued) | A good level of English | Stable residence in Spain | Work permit for the EU |

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