Full stack web development with JAVA

You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React for the front-end development and JAVA for the back-end development. JAVA is the back-end language of large corporations and offers you a high rate of employability.

full stack Java Course Description:

In 800 hours of hands-on, personalised learning with your mentor you will develop four complete projects.  You will learn how to develop the Front End with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and REACT. And will learn JAVA, an object – oriented programming language,  to build the Back End.  Students use GitHub as a version control  system.

full stack java Course content:

Our JAVA-based full-stack web development program is composed of four projects that prepare you for your first job as a full stack developer. JAVA is the preferred Back End language of large corporations and  is highly demanded in the market increasing the student’s employability.

Your first website

In just 2 weeks you will have created your first website from scratch with HTML and CSS. These are the two languages used by the browser to display information and are used in all websites.

The initial challenge will be to design and code a website for a client, test it to check that it complies with W3C standards and ensure that it works in any web browser. Always with the personalised support of your mentor, who will guide you through the different processes of design, creation and testing.

A module with a simple project to get you started in the world of technology.

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Learn how to program with JavaScript.

In this second project you will learn the basics of programming with JavaScript.

It is important that from the very beginning you learn the best practices and golden rules to make clean, tidy and well-documented programs with as few lines of code as possible. Less is more!

In the development of this application you will also learn how to use APIs to handle third party data and how to develop a dynamic application.

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Responsive Mobile Development with REACT

In this third module and project you will consolidate what you have learned and integrate all your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the use of REACT, an open source Javascript library designed to create user interfaces with the aim of facilitating the development of applications.

Your client will ask you to redesign and program an existing application with some new functionalities and the main goal: that the same application works well on the users’ lap top and mobile.

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Back-End with JAVA

With the first three modules you have learned the basics of programming and building the front end, the part of an app that interacts with the user.

In this fourth module you will learn the construction and development of the back end, the part that acts on the company’s server.

To do so, you will learn to program in JAVA, the back-end language used by large corporations.

You will develop a complete application, the video game Battleship, which you will be able to use and play with your friends.

In this video game you will develop the front end with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the back end completely with Java.

In this final module of 320 hours you will consolidate everything you have learnt in the previous modules and you will learn one of the most valued programming languages in the market: JAVA.

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Choose the modality that suits you best.

Our methodology and organisation of the course allows you to combine these elements at your convenience and even change during the course, if your personal situation requires it.

Start the program when you decide.

At your own pace.

Full time

With a dedication of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Our project-based learning by doing methodology allows you flexibility in the hours of dedication throughout the day. Organise your time at your convenience as long as you respect deadlines and personal meetings with your mentor. You are never alone. Your mentor is available for any queries apart from scheduled one-to-one meetings.


Designed for those who want to keep their current job while preparing to change or improve their professional position. An estimated three hours of daily dedication, Monday to Friday, to work on the tasks of the course, with total flexibility of schedules, except for the personal meetings with the mentor that have a fixed calendar. You are never alone, your mentor is available whenever you need him/her, apart from the planned one-to-one meetings.

Wherever you want


Working online from home and connected to your mentor by slack, email and video conferencing. Ideal for part-time people who have to combine their professional life with the course. And for those who live in areas of the territory where there is no possibility of going to a physical campus.

On campus

For those who live in the city and want to have a face-to-face experience, we offer the possibility of coming to our Barcelona campus where you will have a work space and collaboration with your mentor and classmates.

Choose the combination that best suits your needs. Consult our career advisors if you have any questions.

The Ubiqum experience

The full stack with Java course is organised on a project basis, designed by our product team, for educational purposes. They are 100% practical and professional. Learning by doing.

A course at Ubiqum

Our methodology is innovative and highly efficient.
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Personalised mentor
Flexible timetable
800 hours

On campus


Personalised mentor
Flexible timetable
800 hours


Cash payment

If you pay in full before the course starts, we offer you a discount and you get the best price. 5% for online and 10% for on-campus.


You pay 50% before the course starts and the rest in monthly instalments during the course. No additional cost.

Payment in instalments

This format allows you to pay in monthly instalments.

Income Share Agreement

Start the course now and pay when you get a job (*) see requirements to qualify.

*Requirements: | Between 22 and 35 years of age | Higher Education Degree (STEM is valued) | A good level of English | Stable residence in Spain | Work permit for the EU |

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