Why a coding bootcamp is the best investment you can make this year

Learn to code at a coding bootcamp and build a bright future for yourself

If you’ve spent any time on job portals you’ll have seen that the positions that just keep coming up are ‘Full Stack Developer’, ‘Java Developer’ or ‘Software Developer’ and we’re not just talking about Spain or Europe — this is a position that is becoming increasingly more solicited across the world.

Coding Bootcamp

As more and more companies realise that it is imperative to have a strong online presence, more and more money is being invested into conquering the e-commerce market and widening their reach through the internet. With more and more competition online, those who’ve been plodding along for years with the same old website are realising that they need to step up their game when it comes to UX (user experience) and SEO, meaning that in many cases, a whole new website needs to be created. Developers are therefore in very high demand and frankly, there aren’t enough of them.

Average US Web Development Salaries in 2022

The US Department of Labor has predicted that the number of software developer jobs will grow by 22%  between 2020 and 2030 and notes this increase as much faster than average.

So there is a big demand for Software Developers, but why leave your job to retrain as one at a coding bootcamp?

Top 10 most in demmand programming languages in 2022

Well, depending on the sector you’re currently in, the IT and technology sector could offer you some significantly more attractive economic benefits.If you’ve done your research you’ll have noticed that an average starting salary for a Software Developer in Spain is around €23,000, €37,000 in Amsterdam and €46,000 in Germany, according to payscale. These figures are for entry level positions, however, when you look at what an experienced Software Developer earns, figures can reach up to €75,000 a year. That is not a salary to be scoffed at, and well exceeds that of other sectors.

But how much money do you have to invest initially in attending a coding bootcamp?

Our Java Web Developer bootcamp costs €9.000 with the clear objective of turning complete beginners into professional programmers in 5 months. If you put that into perspective, that’s 800 hours (€11 p/hr) until you’re on the employment ladder and earning between 23–46k a year.Sound like a good investment now?

But how do you know you’ll definitely get a job in the IT and technology sector after completing a coding bootcamp with Ubiqum?

With a success rate of more than 92%, you will be hard-pressed to find a student who wasn’t satisfied with the employment opportunities that completing a coding bootcamp with us has brought them. Not only are they working in the IT and technology sector, they are working in their dream jobs as developers and data analysts for big name companies and institutions.

It still sounds like a lot of money, do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We are so confident in our product that we offer several payment and financing options where we share the risk with you:

.- Income Share Agreement. You pay nothing up front and you can pay when you get hired (Only for Spaniards – Check with a Career Advisor the requirements to qualify)

.- A 50/50 payment plan, whereby you pay 50% up front and the rest when you find a job. (Check with our Career advisors the requirements to qualify)

.- Bank Loans and instalments.

.- And you can get significant discounts if you pay up-front

Get in touch with our admissions team to see if you qualify!

We hope that this article has been helpful, if you’d like any more information on pricing, admissions or the course, please fill in the form and our career advisors will contact you.