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Advertising image of Ubiqum web development mentor Manuel Barzi. Text: "Virtual Q&A for Web Development. Wednesday 19 May Instagram Live

Join us at the Web Development Virtual Open Day to find out about Ubiqum’s bootcamps on Instagram Live. Leave any questions you have in the comments and we’ll answer them at the end of the stream.


Following on from the success of our first virtual open day last week, on Wednesday 19 May we’ll be running a new event just for our web development bootcamps in Java, and the reduced, fast-track version in JavaScript (MERN). The event will be split into two parts, with the English version starting at 19:00 and the Spanish at 19:30.

Ubiqum’s lead web development mentor, Manuel Barzi, will host the session and discuss what you will learn on the course, the different study options we have, and the kind of jobs you can expect when you finish the program. You’ll learn all about how web development works at Ubiqum, from our teaching methodology to which web development languages and frameworks are the best to learn. 

As part of our Web Development Open Day, you’ll be able to ask Manuel any questions you have about the bootcamp, our campuses like Barcelona which is about to reopen, and the kind of jobs you can expect when you finish your program.

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About Manuel

Manuel was coding before it was cool. Starting back in 1996, he’s seen coding languages develop over the years, giving him a broad-ranging skill set. He is an expert in JavaScript, Java, React, Node JS, MongoDB and much more of that good stuff. 

Manuel has a ton of experience working in coding bootcamps, and with his specialist knowledge and easygoing style, we’re delighted to have him on the team.

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