Ubiqum set to open a coding bootcamp in Amsterdam

coding bootcamp amsterdam

You may have noticed that Ubiqum has been expanding rapidly in all aspects of the venture. Starting out in Barcelona with just a small group of students, one course and a handful of employees, the academy is about to enter into yet another phase of expansion as we take on Amsterdam!

We’ve come a long way since our conception in 2016, adding new courses to our repertoire, and therefore a number of highly talented mentors, including data mentor, Luis and Java mentor, Raül, who have migrated from our Barcelona campus to Berlin, where they’re now leading their respective courses. In our short time as a coding academy, we’ve seen over 200 students go through our immersive training and come out the other side, landing themselves a job as a Java web developer or data analystWe’ve even seen people who didn’t know how to compress a file take on the complexities of computer programming and succeed!

We’re now very excited to announce the launch of our coding bootcamp in Amsterdam, with the first Java Web Developer bootcamp set to kick off in May with a group of 10 motivated students. Like in all our academies, we will also be running a Data Analyst bootcamp, however the date is yet to be confirmed. If you sign up now, you will benefit from a generous discount of 25% off.

The bootcamps consist of 800 hours of immersive training over the course of five months and adopts a “learn by doing” methodology whereby real life working environments and tasks are simulated; students taking on the role of Junior Developers and mentors that of Senior Developers.

coding bootcamp amsterdam

Attending a coding bootcamp in Amsterdam will no doubt prove to be highly beneficial to those wishing to work in the city as a Developer due to the fact that it stands at the forefront of international business and commerce. The city is extremely well connected and offers a number of Government programs to facilitate the process of obtaining residence permits for highly skilled migrants. There is also a great amount of foreign investment, meaning that there are always exciting vacant positions for Web Developers opening up.

Like in all our academies, our main objective in Amsterdam will be to train students in complex, specific technical skills and get them into high quality employment. 

If this is something that appeals to you, get in contact with our Admission team by emailing or by filling in the contact form on the different courses page.