Ubiqum collaborates with Geneva Business School

Ubiqum Collaboration with Geneva Business School featured

In 2020, a year that had its ups and downs, we were delighted to announce that Ubiqum teamed up with Geneva Business School to offer our programs online, as well as in Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid.

With a combined history of 30 years, this collaboration blends expert knowledge from both fields so students can be seriously competitive in today’s job market.

While you can still apply today to study on any of our campuses, all programs will be run online until local restrictions allow us to work on-site.

If you prefer an online learning environment, or cannot travel to any of our campuses, our fully online courses mean you can become a job-ready programmer from the comfort of your own home.

Our bootcamps

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Enrol now and learn to code with Ubiqum

Our programs take you from absolute beginner to being fully ready to enter the workforce as a Web Developer or a Data Analyst in as little as three months.

And it’s not only about the tech skills. Ubiqum’s aim is for all students to change their career, not just get a theoretical understanding. Our dedicated Careers Team work with you throughout your course to help you find a job, prepare a tech-focused CV and pass interviews with flying colors.

You can read about some of our success stories on our Testimonials page.

Linking the worlds of tech and business

Due to the pandemic, many companies have faced a choice: go online or go out of business. Never before has an understanding of tech and business been so important.

Ubiqum’s collaboration with Geneva Business School combines practical tech know-how with strategy of where to take a business. Combining these two crucial skills gives business students 21st-century tech knowledge, and bootcamp graduates a solid grounding in how to run a company.

Innovative learning spaces

The collaboration gives students from both schools the same learning environment, whether in Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid or online.
Our on-site campuses have dynamic learning spaces both for group work and individual study in three of Europe’s top cities.

More opportunities for Geneva Business School students

As part of the collaboration, Geneva Business School students are all offered a discount to study any of the Ubiqum bootcamps.

But why would a business student want to study coding?

With so many businesses moving online, skills like web development, data analytics and machine learning have secured their place among the most in-demand skills in the job market. The pandemic saw countless industries slow down, and in some cases, dry up completely. Not for techies though. The industry continued to grow as more and more companies committed to perfecting their online product.

So even if business students don’t want to do an immediate 180 and become coders, having a solid foundation in programming languages and working methods is crucial to running a 21st-century business.

Special offer for Geneva Business School students

ubiqum and geneva business school collaboration special offer for students.

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