Ubiqum Code Academy students answer your FAQ’s

Ubiqum Code Academy

Starting at Ubiqum Code Academy feels like a new beginning. When starting something new, whether it’s a new school year, a new job, or even a new hobbie, it can be daunting in the beginning. Everyone has doubts and feels pressure, Will I fit in? Will I get along with everyone? Will I be good enough and live up to people’s expectations?

We know that those who’ve taken up one of Ubiqum Code Academy’s career programs had a number of concerns before starting. Those very same people are here to alleviate some of those worries and answer some common questions with some good old-fashioned data, and inform you of the diversity, equality and opportunities that Ubiqum Code Academy have to offer.

So let’s first take a look at Ubiqum Code Academy’s demographics.

This infographic depicts where our students come from in the world, their age, gender… But most importantly, what kind of educational background they come from. Hover over the icons to see the exact numbers. We will be updating the infographic as new students keep joining our programming and data analytics courses.

take a look at Ubiqum’s demographics.

As you can see, our students come from all over the world to learn to code at our on-site locations in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Madrid. As the course content is in English, you don’t need to speak the language of your chosen site, though this will give you an advantage when applying for jobs!

Here is a breakdown of the types of degrees our web development and data analytics students hold:


Ubiqum code academy

As the infographic shows, our students hold many different types of university degrees, or as is the case for some, no degree at all. Their professional backgrounds range from working on a production line to working as a translator to working as an architect. Though from a myriad of educational and professional backgrounds,  they are all united by a clear goal: to learn the skills needed to get into tech and start their careers as programmer, software developer, or data analyst.

Perhaps you find yourself in the same position they once did? Keep reading and see if your question is answered by one of our students below:

“As a woman, will I feel welcome on the web development or data analytics course at Ubiqum Code Academy?”

 I can advise any woman to come to Ubiqum Code Academy to learn to code. The Java programming course is excellent and as a coding bootcamp, Ubiqum is very inclusive. Before I took the course, I knew nothing about coding, not even basic HTML. Now, I know how to code in Java and I’m also learning React. I’m very happy with my experience!.”

Geraldine Hernández Al-attrach, Female, 31, Venezuelan, Full Stack Java Development

“You will definitely feel comfortable here as a woman, there’s a lot of diversity and it’s very open.”

Bartosz Przygocki, Male, 34, Polish, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“Of course you’ll feel welcome! I don’t see or feel any gender discrimination here. Even though the tech sector is male dominated for both web development and data analytics, I feel very comfortable and  I would recommend learning at Ubiqum.”

Giorgia Felline, Female, 24, Italian, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“I’m over 35, am I too old to take a course at Ubiqum Code Academy?”

 “It’s good to have a mix of ages on the course. The younger you are the more experienced you are in working with computers and the older you are the more experience you have in the working world. So it’s a great opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.”

Elena Bonan, Female, 24, Italian, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“Coding needs a lot of patience, focus, and motivation… nothing else.”

Shadan Behzadian, Female, 26, Iranian, Full Stack “MERN” Development

I am 42 and as long as you are open minded you can learn anything, age is not a problem.”

Alberto Marin, Male, 41, Spanish, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“I’ve never worked in an office or with a computer before. Will I be able to complete the course and get a job in tech?”

“A big part of what I’ve learnt is from talking with my classmates. Even though you’ve never worked in an office before, as long as you are able to communicate and get along with people then you’re going to be fine. In terms of being able to use a computer, all the software and programs we have learnt on the course so far, we have never used before and we’re doing fine so I like to think it’s possible.”

Louis Lancksweert, Male, 27, Belgian, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

If you haven’t worked in an office before then this is a great opportunity to understand the environment before you go out and get a job as a data analyst or full stack developer. Ubiqum simulates a working environment where you  face problems and have to find solutions with co-workers, just like in real life. You also have mentors who act as your project manager or senior data analyst to help and give feedback.”

Javier Villasmil López, Male, 29, Venezuelan, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“My university degree is totally unrelated, will companies take me seriously?”

“When you do an interview, companies test your technical abilities, it doesn’t matter what your degree is in or sometimes if you have a degree at all, as long as you’re good at coding. You have your portfolio of projects on GitHub which speaks for itself.”

Emelise Parrello, Female, 27, Argentinian, Full Stack Java Development

“Companies are not looking for degrees, companies are looking at your capabilities and what you’re able to produce Having a university degree doesn’t necessarily translate to being equipped with the skills and experience required to perform a job as a programmer or data analyst.”

Pau Vela Garcia, Male, 24, Spanish, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“The great thing about this industry is it’s predominantly skill-based, so as long as you are competent, you are trained, and you have the skills, it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not. A lot of my developer friends have told me that they haven’t used their degrees at all.”

Wendy Chung, Female, 29, Welsh, Full Stack Java Development

“I’ve travelled here alone what kind of environment does Ubiqum Code Academy have?”

“There’re so many people who have come here alone, and at Ubiqum I personally feel like this is my second home. It’s so nice to learn and work here because it takes the best from school, where you work with your friends every day, but it also has the professional side with deadlines and a working environment. It’s very social, there are even students looking for  flats together, it’s really cool.”

Lluis Garcia Pons, Male, 24, Spanish, Full Stack Java Development

“I travelled from Chile a few weeks ago by myself and I made friends right away, I’m really enjoying myself. As long as you have a positive mentality you’re going to do fine.”

Sergio Abogabir, Male, 31, Chilean, Full Stack Java Development

“It’s very friendly and  social, and because of being situated in WeWork’s coworking space you get to meet a lot of people from other companies,which is really nice. The environment here is perfect for meeting new people very naturally everyday. But even if it was just Ubiqum Code Academy the same thing would happen as the program makes it easy to get to know people.”

Ana Carolina Dorofei, Female, 32, Brazilian, Data Analytics & Machine Learning

If you have any more questions about Ubiqum Code Academy or are interested in taking a course with us then feel free to contact us at, or if you are interested in more about what our students have to say then check out all our testimonials page.