Ubiqum’s campus in Barcelona set to reopen on 5 July

Young students take part in a communication task. One writes on the back of another, and the second attempts to replicate the drawing on a whiteboard.

After moving operations online due to COVID-19, Ubiqum’s new campus will be opening its doors in Barcelona on 5 July, 2021. Located on Plaça de Catalunya, it will be the new base for career changers who want to get a headstart in the world of tech.

With the collaboration of Geneva Business School, Ubiqum will welcome students back into the classroom for their Web Development and Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamps. Students can choose between front and back end programming with Java development and data analysis, where they learn to analyze and make predictive models.

Ubiqum’s campus is located right in the center of the city, on Plaça de Catalunya, which is an ideal location for students living in Barcelona, or even outside, with unbeatable transport links.

The campus facilities are perfectly suited for learning to code, with large presentation screens in every classroom and collaborative spaces for group work. Bootcamps get started in these classrooms with a stand-up meeting, exactly how teams work in the world of tech.

Ubiqum: making the transition to tech easy

Founded in 2016, Ubiqum Code Academy’s bootcamps are focused on one end goal: helping people make the change to a professional career in tech. 

Ubiqum’s methodology is designed to take people from zero coding knowledge to their first job in just 20 weeks. Students start coding in programming languages from day one and learning focuses on real-life cases for an engaging, fast-paced experience. Projects begin simple and get increasingly complex, creating a solid foundation before diving into more specialist skills.

A photo of Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, looking from a low angle towards a blue sky with airplane trails
Plaça de Catalunya, the site of Ubiqum’s campus in Barcelona

Mentors, who are specialists from their areas, act like project managers from the tech world, replicating that real-world experience. They are on hand to push students, rather than spoon feeding them, and guide them through online tech communities like GitHub and a range of resources to supplement their knowledge.

To build on the practical teaching methodology, Ubiqum’s dedicated Careers Team helps students with resumé preparation and makes their LinkedIn profile optimal for the tech industry. A pool of fantastic tech companies collaborate with Ubiqum to hire new coding talent, giving students an advantage in their job search. 

Upon getting an interview, Ubiqum prepares students, both in a technical sense and on a personal level. If the interview is unsuccessful, there is a feedback session to identify areas to improve and provide extra training.

With their learning by doing methodology and career support, it’s unsurprising that 92% of Ubiqum students find work within two months of completing their bootcamp.

Ubiqum’s collaboration with Geneva Business School

By entering into collaboration with Geneva Business School, Ubiqum combines tech skills with the modern business landscape. The collaboration symbolizes a dynamic that is going to become more and more important as we move further into the 21st century.

On one hand, businesses from all industries have realized that without a slick website, apps, and data-driven decisions, they will fall behind in the current climate. Countless business leaders have suddenly found themselves in a competitive digital environment, needing to adapt to stay competitive. To serve this kind of learner, Ubiqum’s programs are also offered in a flexible part-time and remote format so students can fit their studies around their job and keep ahead of the game.

Similarly, coders often find themselves with fantastic technical knowledge, but unable to turn their skills into a tangible business. Added to that is the famed issue of technical workers and executives “not speaking the same language”. With a business background, programmers can break the often uneasy relationship, but also take care of areas like marketing, sales pitches, and finance, setting the stage for a successful product.

Come and visit us!

If you’re interested in coming down to discover our campus in July, fill out the form below and arrange a visit with our Careers Team.