Application for Ubiqum and Becas Santander Scholarships closes 26 May

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The open call for the Becas Santander scholarships to study Data Analytics & Machine Learning at Ubiqum ends on 26 May, 2021. We have already received a massive amount of applications, but you still have a chance to be one of the top 50 performers and qualify for the full scholarship. 

To apply for a Data Analytics & Machine Learning scholarship, visit the Becas Santander portal below.

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Becas Santander is the educational arm of the banking giant and offers full grants to a vast array of potential students across many industries. Their aim is to help people reskill in more future-proof careers, such as data analytics. 

At Ubiqum, we’re delighted to have been chosen by Becas Santander to deliver our Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamp. It is a testament to our teaching quality and successful history in preparing students for a new career.

Who can apply for the Ubiqum and Becas Santander scholarships?

Becas Santander are offering our Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamp to potential students with only three general requirements:

  • To be over the age of 18
  • To be a resident or national of: Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, or the UK
  • To have an adequate level of English to understand the training materials

Aside from that, students from all backgrounds and with varied aims are encouraged to apply. So far, we have received applications from graduates who have found it hard getting a job, entrepreneurs who want to create their own product, and those who want a career change into something more secure.

If you qualify for the above requirements, you will take a timed pre-selection test. Your results on this test, along with your motivation to study, will determine whether you will be accepted onto the first phase of the program: Introductory Course in Data Analytics

What if I don’t know anything about coding?

It’s no problem at all if you have no programming experience. The bootcamp is designed specifically for students with no background in Data Analytics & Machine Learning.

At Ubiqum, we believe that with the proper learning methodology, anybody can learn any discipline. We use a story-centered curriculum that introduces concepts in a clear and logical way, while keeping you engaged with projects that reflect the real-life working world.

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Ubiqum Code Academy has been training data analysts since 2016

Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Ubiqum

As the first coding academy in Europe to offer Data Analytics and Machine Learning, we’ve got a great pedigree in setting up students for a new career in tech. We recognized quite early how important data would become in our modern world. 

More and more companies are turning to analysts to provide data-driven decisions in marketing, predictive modelling and much more. At Ubiqum, we take our Data Analytics and Machine Learning students from having zero prior coding knowledge to moving into a professional role as a data analyst. This is the first step into a professional career with vast opportunities in all kinds of industries. 

In fact, many of our students have used our Data Analytics and Machine Learning program to move forward in careers such as medical research, where the addition of data analysis skills are highly valuable.

A major part of all programs at Ubiqum is the careers services we offer to all students. This includes optimizing your resumé and LinkedIn, preparing for both technical and personal interviews, and introducing you to reputable employers.

So if you want to jump on board with this blossoming industry, sign up for the Santander Scholarship. If you can’t get your application in before the deadline, you can always talk to our Careers Advisors directly for our regular Data Analytics & Machine Learning bootcamp.

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