This Coding Bootcamp in Barcelona turns absolute beginners into web developers

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Have you heard about the very high and apparently always growing demand for programmers, web developers and tech talents around the world? Do you want to join a coding bootcamp in Barcelona and learn the skills that it takes to become a web developer and land one of those exciting jobs?

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The good news is that doing it is absolutely possible, and it has been proven by many people, not only those who were born with a computer; but by many single mothers, people with years of experience in completely unrelated fields, and many others; who got a job as web developers with or without a college degree.

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And did you know that being a good web developer and programmer also opens you the doors to work abroad? The world, in general, and Barcelona specifically, is facing a shortage of developers; which means that you can learn the necessary skills, and get a job in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Why learning web development in Barcelona?

Right now it’s a great time to become a web developer, because the jobs are plenty, salaries are quite good up to very high, and overall, the challenges face in a day of work in tech are often exciting, and keep people motivated.

The other great aspect, which might be overlooked by some people, is that working in tech opens the possibilities for those with a wanderlust or just the desire to move to a different country and still be able to make a good living.

Barcelona is a city that many people want to visit, and that many of those want to stay at. Barcelona is a great city, biking around is good for health and for the environment, the weather is always good, sunny days are the rule, you have beaches and mountains at reach, and the tech culture in Barcelona is vibrant, which can be inspired for those learning code.

This is why Ubiqum Code Academy reopened the campus in Barcelona in 2021, after the COVID crisis, and it has been a great opportunity and learning experience for many catalan people and people from other countries alike.

Become a web developer with Ubiqum Code Academy in Barcelona

In Ubiqum Code Academy, we believe in the value of a multicultural experience. After all, the world of tech, and the progress in computer science and software development have been shaped by people from many different places in the world.

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Barcelona have proven to be an important place for computer science and software development. Barcelona is also home of many international companies and tech startups with innovative ideas, and surprisingly, they have been facing difficulties to hire new developers. There’s a shortage of tech talent in Barcelona.

These facts make studying code and web development in Barcelona with Ubiqum and amazing opportunity, because you’ll have all of the important learning values of our Code Academy, well integrated with the vibrant tech culture of the Catalan capital.

In a normal day studying web development in Ubiqum Barcelona, you’ll feel as if you were already a professional web developer, because you’ll be learning by doing, without teachers, but mentors who will help you and advice you, instead of pressuring you, and no grading, just exciting and real-world projects to work on.

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And, by being in Barcelona, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment the life of a working web developer in an important startup hub in Europe, and you’ll be able to connect with other like-minded people, and even get know your future employer while you are learning.