The Barcelona coding bootcamp you should know

Barcelona coding bootcamp

Have you ever considered moving to Barcelona for a few months? Maybe going there to study something, to live a different experience, or to just walk around La Rambla and enjoy the amazing legacy of Gaudí’s architecture. Barcelona is an important city for entrepreneurs and for those wanting to innovate in tech. This is why Ubiqum decided to open the doors of their Barcelona coding bootcamp in 2016, and students and graduates from all over the world haven been happy about their coding experience, and have been able to land great jobs after their 3-5 months programs.

Barcelona is a vibrant and exciting city, that is full of life, big, but not overwhelming, just the right size. But Catalonia’s capital and the second largest city in Spain is not only a beautiful place to visit, to have fun and make new friends.

Why learning code in Barcelona?

Learning can be effective no matter where we at with the correct conditions, whether that is access to dedicated and knowledgeable mentors, a well-designed and project-based curriculum, a reliable internet connection in the case of learning to code and a friendly environment.

In Ubiqum Code Academy all of these needs are covered, with mentors instead of teachers and exciting projects instead of lectures or scary tests. But, why should students consider Barcelona among the options available?

The capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia is a famous city, and one that have got even more popular in recent years, because it offers too much to travelers, students and anyone visiting the city. But Barcelona is also a city of entrepreneurs and people who believe in tech as a way to change the world and do business.

Also, its pedestrian streets and the possibility of biking pretty much anywhere makes it just charming, and it can help to clear the mind and better make neural connections to solve coding problems.

Of course, in the tech world, connecting with entrepreneurs, programmers, and tech-enthusiasts is also important; and Barcelona have coding students, programmers and data analysts covered with a vibrant and young startup culture, ready to impact the tech world, and for that, they of course need good programmers, web developers and data analysts/scientists.

Motivation, passion, commitment and good learning conditions are the most important factors when learning something new; and can turn even the less innovative cities into good places to learn. But learning in a beautiful and full of life city makes the learning experience even better.

These factors combined have made Ubiqum Code Academy in Barcelona the right option for many students from many different places, including Spain, to come, learn and live code or data analytics, and land a great job in tech.

Learn programming at Ubiqum Code Academy Barcelona

If you are excited and motivated to learn code, and you have already decided for Ubiqum as your code academy to learn the skills you need to land your dream job in tech; but you are still unsure about which campus to attend, Barcelona might be the city for you.

Barcelona is a multicultural city, which is a characteristic that matches Ubiqum’s culture extremely well, because you’ll be studying with people from many different places, including your dedicated coding mentors.

And surprisingly, this is a great feat for programmers and developers, because this career exists thanks to the innovation and effort of programmers from all over the globe, connected for their passion for code, software and problem solving.

For those locals in Barcelona, who already know very well the opportunities available in their city, and want to be a part of the startup culture in Barcelona by leveraging the power of code; then Ubiqum in Barcelona will be the best place to learn programming, know many like-minded people and make connections. And practicing English is a great added value!