Programming bootcamp: Learn to code in 3 months

Programming Bootcamp

If you have been considering making a career change, or you are looking for the skills you can learn to land a good and rewarding job, then you might have heard about learning to code in a programming bootcamp and becoming a developer.

In recent years, we’ve been very lucky to see how programming has become something very accessible, and now it’s clear that we can all learn the skills we need and become full-time developers. Many people have come from completely unrelated backgrounds, and landed jobs after learning to code.

Coding Bootcamp Online

There are many ways to learn to code, and right now we don’t really need a college degree, employers and recruiters are not looking for that, but for someone who can learn and has the skills they require. And one of the best ways to learn to code and get a job in less than a year is attending a coding bootcamp.

Learning to code and landing a job with no coding background

The biggest concern that some people consider pursuing a career in tech face, is the idea of simply not being good for programming, or thinking that it’s just not for me. If this is happening to you, don’t worry. Everybody can learn to code, for real, everybody can.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

What about landing a job with no previous experience or without a college degree? One great thing about programming is that we can practice it and get real world exposure without previously having a job, making it much easier to prove our skills to employers.

The most important thing when learning to program to land your dream job, is to have the right motivation and to be committed to practice each day, even if it is just 30 minutes a day. But, if you have a more immersive coding experience, attending a programming bootcamp might be the right decision for you.

Why to attend a programming bootcamp?

There are some “theoretical” pros for learning to code by yourself: you learn at your own pace, there are learning resources available online, and you can make the learning experience more personalized, to learn what you are most interested on learning. But does it really work? This is like the person who asks: Can I go from Barcelona to Moscow by walking? The answer is yes, but I would never recommend it, because the cons are much higher than the pros. Just keep in mind this figure, more than 90% of people who start a self taught course, drop out. Are you part of the 10% who stays? if you are not sure, do not take this way.

A mentor helps a student at an Ubiqum data science bootcamp in Barcelona

A lack of guidance, a lack of support and not having a comprehensive coding curriculum with clear skills, tasks and projects to practice are the downsides of being self-taught, particularly when you are just starting. This is why attending a coding bootcamp is a great way to learn to code and become a programmer.

By enrolling on a good programming bootcamp, you’ll be able to learn what you want to learn the most, for example, you can learn the skills to become a web developer with Java, a full stack developer or even a data analyst.

The best of a coding bootcamp is that you’ll have teachers, or, in the case of Ubiqum Code Academy, you’ll have mentors who’ll help you in your journey, as well as a learning by doing methodology, that is one of the best ways to learn programming.

Become a web developer in 3 months

When learning programming, one thing that we should often avoid are those books called Learn C++ in 24 hours, Learn JavaScript in 7 nights and 8 days or similar. It’s not because of the language, it’s because they are often oriented to people wanting to learn programming, and there isn’t a fixed amount of time to learn a skill as programming.

However, it’s more than proven that we can learn the skills to become web developers in 3 months, and this is why Ubiqum has a web development with JavaScript program. Of course, by attending a coding bootcamp, you’ll be exposed to code full-time, 10 hours per day, for 12 weeks, totaling more than 500 hours, which can really boost your learning.

And the best thing about attending a good programming bootcamp is that you won’t only learn skills and technology; you’ll learn how to look for answers and new technologies as a professional developer does. You will learn how to think like a developer. This is one of the most important skills, and you can also learn it.

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