Why should you consider learning Java through a part-time course?

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Although you have quite a career in your field, why is it still hard for you to find clients or better job opportunities? The problem may be the great and rapid evolution consumers and the way business are done have undergone. The technological progress of the last years has a lot to do with this.

Maybe you will have to accept that your current skills are not enough anymore to have a successful career. If this were the case, it’s time to make a drastic change in your professional activity.  How can you do so? The answer is easy: learn Java through a part-time coding course.

Why should you become a Java programmer?

The reasons to take up Java coding are many. In the following lines we will estate some of the benefits of taking up a part-time Java coding course:

Benefits of learning Java

What are some of the advantages you will enjoy if you decide to specialize in coding with Java? Let’s see.

Virtually endless possibilities

Java counts with the widest programmer community of the world. Likewise, the incorporation of new frameworks and libraries allow it to adapt to a tech sector under constant change.

Certainly, Android is the operative system with more users worldwide. Towards the end of 2018, more than 2,000 million of cellphones used it. By the same time, there were more than 3 million apps on the PlayStore. But, what does this have to do with Java? Well, it happens to be that Java is one of the preferred languages used for app development, as well as for some key elements of the Google system itself.

Most of the computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles do have a Java platform, which allows them to execute a great amount of apps and websites. The software created using Java is especially remarkable for its stability, speed, scalability, flexibility and great ease to undergo maintenance and modifications.

Java gives you the opportunity of producing practically any kind of coding program. It doesn’t matter whether web development or the creation of a dashboard app, an internet portal or a service online, a videogame, an operative system or the coding for a robot. This language is powerful and versatile enough to successfully complete whatever the project may be.

The demand of Java programmers is on the rise

There are no signs this Java boom is going to come to an end soon. More like quite the opposite: the demand of Java programmers is on the rise. And their income is not one to be sniffed at. A clear example would be their situation in USA and Europe: there, these professionals earn an average of 70,000€ per year.

To help you get a clearer insight of the importance of Java, you must keep in mind that companies such as Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix and even Google itself are always looking for skillful Java programmers. Therefore, if you become proficient in Java, your possibilities of getting a steady job position or a long term project collaboration and (why not?) maybe start working for one of the great companies aforementioned, will increase exponentially.

Gaining coding skills in Java can positively impact your professional development

Linguists assure that learning new languages opens your mind and helps you broaden your perspectives. This does also apply to coding.

Learning such a solid language as Java trains you to look for practical solutions to any problem that you may face in your professional life. Moreover, you will learn to work under pressure, a very valuable skill in today’s hectic job environments.

A good developer never stops updating. Therefore it is very advisable to learn different coding languages. However, many experts consider Java as the ideal start point, the primary language that will provide you the appropriate basics to go on and take up also HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more.

Ubiqum’s plan to keep students busy

Do you want to learn to code, but your schedule is too tight already? Would you like to use your free time, holidays and/or weekends to gain this skill? Are you a freelancer or a part-time worker looking for a job as programmer? Then Ubiqum’s part-time course is just what you need to achieve your goal.

What is the Java course about?

This flexible plan will allow you to juggle your job or other activities with your studies. It’s a unique opportunity for those people whom, for whatever reasons it may be, can’t take on-site daily 8 hour long classes throughout 5 months at our Ubiqum bootcamp. The ideal solution anyone willing to begin their journey in the thrilling world of coding and, as soon as possible, find a job position within the tech industry.

The program lasts between 18 and 20 hours, distributed throughout 10 weeks. 8 hours are for on-site learning (inside the classroom) of theoretical contents. The rest of them you can do them either at home or at the office choosing the schedule and hours that suit you best.

The goal of the part-time coding course is to teach the essential notions for front-end development. In other words, we want to teach you how to design the visible elements, aesthetics and navigability of a site or any other software. Moreover, this course will introduce you to more advanced concepts such as back-end development, meaning the code that directly affects the performance of a portal or app.

The program is designed so as to teach its contents in the most natural way possible. You will be assigned projects that are very similar to those you will find in the real worlds job positions. These projects you will have to develop from top to bottom. With your mentor’s support and a wide range of practical study materials, you will start writing code from your very first session.

Benefits of learning Java coding at Ubiqum

Sign up for this course to get the experience, skills and confidence you need to join one of the most competitive and demanding job markets. During the course at Ubiqum, you will meet very talented people with aspirations similar to yours and… Who knows? Maybe you will meet there your future business-partner. It’s obvious that learning Java is what you need to give your professional career that last push. Enroll in our program and join the ranks of programmers, one of the best jobs there are on Earth