Meet Raül, Former mentor for Ubiqum Web Development Java course

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In this article, we talk to one of our Java bootcamp Former mentors, Raül, and currently senior full stack developer, who gets right to the heart of why we should all be learning how to program and why the Ubiqum Code Academy courses are perfect for beginners, especially, the Java Web Development course. He discusses JavaScript, “smart appliances” and relays a few of his own experiences as a Programmer.

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So, Raül, let’s start with the question everyone wants the answer to: What is the best language to start learning programming and why?

I don’t think you can name just one as the best language to start programming. There are very high level languages​ in which the syntax is very easy to understand, but sometimes it is difficult to see what is happening “back there”. At Ubiqum Code Academy, we decided to choose JavaScript as an initiation language because it’s so widespread. JavaScript is the language of the web and it is unthinkable to know how to program without knowing JavaScript. Not a very strict language, it is easy to create your syntax quickly and start seeing results in your project immediately.

How did you first get to grips with Java?

My first contact with Java was at Ubiqum Code Academy, but I had already worked on some projects in similar languages ​​like C # (CSharp), specifically on a number of gaming projects for AndroidWhen you get to know an object-orientated typed language like Java, you realise the power of programming.

Being a Programmer doesn’t sound like the easiest job in the world. What were the challenges you encountered when starting out in the world of coding?

I’ve always liked the world of technology, and of programming in particular. I’ve never encountered barriers when it comes to wanting to learn something new because it has never been difficult for me to dedicate the time required. Even in my previous jobs I used to spend my free time learning different languages ​​or trying out different tools in order to develop the projects I wanted. When you do something that you like it’s easy to put in the hours that are needed to master anything, most definitely programming.

So, why exactly is programming important?

There is no excuse to not learn how to program. It is almost mandatory. In a few years nobody will be able to get by if they don’t know how to code.We live in a technological world and programming will be increasingly important. Our appliances are already incorporating software to turn them into “smart appliances”, and this kind of intelligence is managed by a program written by someone in some corner of the world. Our cars are already driving and parking by themselves, our computers are smarter and faster than we are, tests with artificial intelligence show what they are capable of and it’s scary. There are already not enough programmers for the demand that exists currently, imagine the future demand in this ever-more technological world. In a few years (I reiterate, a few), knowing how to program will be a requirement for the great majority of jobs.

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For those who might be put off, why is programming fun?

At first, programming is difficult. Very difficult in some cases. It is important to be aware that there are days when things go well and there are days when things don’t work out. Don’t force those situations. Not much will come out from insisting in any program. It must flow and if it doesn’t flow you have to clear your mind. Going for a drink or a coffee will help you see things from another perspective. From experience, when you’re stuck on a task you’re not able to solve, discussing the problem with someone, disconnecting your mind for a little bit or simply leaving it till the next day, helps enormously. When you later return to the project, the code flows all by itself!

For me, seeing my project start to take shape is really fun and rewarding. When I mentored at Ubiqum Code Academy, I’ve seen how people who don’t know anything about programming go on to find a job in the technology sector because they clearly have a passion for coding — and this is why I enjoyed being a Java mentor here.

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What can you say about the Java community? Is it as tight as they say? How has it helped you in your career/past projects?

The Java community is strong all over the world and we are lucky that one of the most important Java groups in the world is in Barcelona. The JUG (Java Users Group) is a super active group of crazy people from Java and Nacho Cougil, one of the organisers of the events in Barcelona, has helped our programmers here at Ubiqum. Those who are changing sectors have many concerns and questions like: What are the first days like? How should I act in a new sector? What is required of a Junior Programmer? The Java community helped me personally when interviewing as having this resource of knowledge from those in the know made me much calmer and more confident.

As the course name explains, Ubiqum Code Academy favours Java. In a nutshell, what can students expect to learn on the Java Web Development bootcamp?

Ubiqum’s program requires a lot of dedication. However, this comes with great reward. When the 5 months have gone by (or rather flown by) and you look back at your first projects, you will be amazed by the evolution. It’s an intensive course and the more hours you dedicate, the better at programming you’ll be. It is frustrating and sometimes exasperating, but at the same time, infinitely satisfying. If you really put in the hours and take it seriously, you will have a 100% Ubiqum Xperience and see amazing results.

Many people out there will be saying to themselves, “I know nothing about coding, how am I going to be able to learn something so complicated from scratch?” Why would you say Ubiqum’s Java Web development  bootcamp is perfect for beginners?

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Ubiqum’s Java Web Development bootcamp is the perfect coding bootcamp for beginners as the program has been created for those who don’t have any notion of programming. We have received students who didn’t even know how to compress a file or people who had never worked with a computer before who are now working on projects for the Barcelona Council. It starts from scratch and trains beginners in specific technical skills; It is designed so that the degree of difficulty is gradually increased while the student continues to acquire knowledge. This exponential growth only becomes clear to you when you finish the course and this is very satisfying.

Typically, what are people’s intentions when they sign up to the Java Web Developer course? What do they want to get out of it?

If we look specifically at the Java course, almost all the students come from different sectors looking to make a change in their professional career. They want a radical life change. If we think about the length of the course, it is almost impossible for them to come out as experts in the languages ​​we propose, but they are capable of solving problems and facing any challenges that may come their way. After Ubiqum Code Academy everything will seem much easier.

And finally, what’s the most impressive project you’ve seen from the students who attend the Ubiqum Java Web development  bootcamp?

The Programmers we train up produce some amazing projects, like games for mobile devices, portfolios that look professional or even music web applications, all of which are comparable to those of a highly experienced programmer.

Thank you very much Raül!

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