Looking for Junior Developers and/or Data Analysts? Join us at our Hiring Day!

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We’re inviting companies from the IT and technology sector to attend our event, where they’ll meet 50 Data Analysts and Web Developers who’ve just completed one of our coding bootcamps. Companies will have the opportunity to network with these potential candidates as well as with the other companies who attend the event and ultimately do what they came to do: conduct interviews with a number of interesting candidates and fill their vacancies.

We only have 10 open slots for companies, so make sure yours is one of them by emailing:

data analyst

What to expect from the event of web developers and data analysts?

You will have the opportunity to meet 50 students with different backgrounds and degree of seniority, who have all just graduated from one of our immersive 5 month long courses. All 50 are qualified and ready to fill positions as Java Developers, Full-Stack and Front-end Developers and Data Analysts.

Having completed 800 hours of practical “learn by doing” training in either data analytics or web development, the students have acquired highly solicited, specific technical skills and done a vast amount of work with the universal programming language of Java.

Under our methodology, students take on the role of Developer or Analyst from day one, reporting to their mentors, who are treated as Senior Developers. The environment they work in is one very similar to the type of workplace they’ll end up in, and this in turn motivates the students and promotes productive, proactive and autonomous work.

Unlike those learned on master’s or bachelor’s degrees, the skills learned here at Ubiqum Code Academy are 100% transferable to the workplace.

data analyst

What kind of companies are we looking for?

10 companies that are actively seeking Junior/Mid-level Data Analysts, Junior Java Developers, Full-Stack Developers and JavaScript Front-end Developers, and want to highlight their enterprise to our students and other companies in the IT sector.

As one of these companies, you will have the opportunity to present what you do and what you’re about, thus attracting the top talent from our coding programs. After, you will be able to conduct individual interviews with candidates and take part in an intense networking session with all 50 of the candidates, as well as the other companies attending the event. It is set to be a dynamic and fun, yet productive way, to source fresh talent and fill open positions in your company.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please email us at

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