Reasons to consider a Javascript course in Barcelona

Javascript course Barcelona

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If you are looking for a JavaScript course in Barcelona, at Ubiqum is where you will find the answer.

Our coding academy has its main campus in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city that we feel a special connection with. Here is where we started back in 2016 and  is where our JavaScript course in Barcelona takes place.

This is a training program you should actually consider, as a serious alternative, for various reasons. If you are fed up with browsing through endless lists of bootcamps looking for the perfect JavaScript course in Barcelona, here are some reasons why you should consider Ubiqum’s course. Keep reading to find out more information about the Ubiqum’s JavaScript course in Barcelona to consider it as the right option and make a decision.

1. A city full of possibilities

Barcelona itself is one of the reasons you should take into account when considering Ubiqum’s JavaScript course in Barcelona. It has already become one of the most important cities in Europe. This goes further than its lively economic and business environment. In the field of technology Barcelona has become a very influential city worldwide. These are the reasons that make out of it the best place not only to work but also to get an education on programming. There are many excellent possibilities regarding the offer of training courses. But besides a good school, it is important to get good practice. Barcelona offers a wide range of possibilities to develop your practical skills. An example of a combination of both would be our JavaScript course.

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2. The best of the environments

A recent study by SwitchUp put Barcelona as the sixth city in the world regarding the volume of students attending programming bootcamps. Sixth out of ten in a list where the only other European city was London. In our JavaScript course in Barcelona at Ubiqum we have become very aware of this context and have tried to use it in our best interest. Our JavaScript course will not only give you the training you need: once you finish it you will be able to write code fluently and by yourself. We will help you, as well, to land your new tech job in barcelona through our Boosting my Career set of workshops, that will train you to prepare a winning resume, enhance your linkedin profile to appear in many searches, develop your personal pitch and much more. our job does not finish until you land your job.

Students from the Ubiqum machine learning course

3. Our own way of doing it

Besides the benefits that specifically our JavaScript course in Barcelona may bring you, studying with Ubiqum has some other advantages. We like to think about them as our personal seal. Among them there is our 100% practical methodology, which will have you write code ever since day one. All of this under the guidance and support of our best mentors, all of them professionals of this field. Furthermore at the time of designing a training offer we always put the most popular coding languages first. This would be the case of our JavaScript course in Barcelona. Our best trademark is the satisfaction of our students as well as excellence in our results.

Our Ubiqum Code Academy is a place where you will find a broad offer of training besides our JavaScript course in Barcelona. We have designed and planned it so as to meet every of our students’ needs and interests in the best way, always putting their futures first. These are the reasons why you should consider joining our JavaScript course in Barcelona. Besides, you can choose the online / part-time course of JavaScript. If they sound reasonable and appealing to you, do not hesitate in contacting us. Our Career Advisors team will love to solve any doubt or concern that you may have. At Ubiqum we are always at your service. Do not wait any longer and come see us.

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