Ubiqum Income Share Agreements: Don’t pay for your bootcamp until you get your new job

Income Share Agreement. Comienza a pagar cuando tengas trabajo

At Ubiqum, we know the value of reskilling in the tech industry. Indeed, the vast majority of our students come to us for the excellent career prospects that coding brings. 

As we say, our job isn’t done until you’ve found employment. So what we really want to avoid is students missing out on a great education because of the cost. While we can’t offer coding bootcamps for free, we do offer a wide range of payment options to suit almost every situation.

You can pay upfront, in installments, or 50% before and 50% when you finish the course and get a job.

However, it is our income share agreements (ISAs) that really put learning to code within the grasp of every budget. Sound good? read on!

What is an income share agreement with Ubiqum?

An income share agreement is a kind of flexible financing that makes learning to code more affordable and takes the anxiety and pressure off your education finances. 

The first thing to know is that our partner, StudentFinance, will cover the entire cost of your bootcamp, much like a traditional student loan. Rather than paying it back immediately, you’ll pay it as a percentage of your future income. 

Your ISA contract outlines the percentage you agree to pay back. But remember, you will only start paying once you’ve found a job and your salary has reached a certain level.

You’re even safe if you lose your job or fall below the minimum threshold for whatever reason. StudentFinance will simply pause your repayment and restart it when you’re back on track. The maximum amount you will pay back is capped, so you will never pay more than what you have already agreed.

Who is eligible for an income share agreement?

Currently, you can only apply for our ISAs if you are a Spanish national or Spanish resident. If you have proof of address, a DNI, a NIE, or Spanish residency and a work permit, you’re good. For those who don’t qualify, we are always looking for new agreements — we’ll keep you posted!

StudentFinance will then carry out a series of financial and background checks to verify your situation.

Aside from that, you must already be accepted onto an Ubiqum bootcamp before you apply. Below, we’ll outline your application process.

Applying for income share agreements

If you’re eligible and want to take advantage of StudentFinance’s ISA programs, you need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Get in touch with our Career Advisors to start your application process and let them know you’d like to take advantage of an ISA. You need to be accepted onto your bootcamp before applying for your ISA.
  • Ubiqum will send you the StudentFinance application process.
  • Take a quick 20-question test that checks that you understand your income share agreement.
  • Sign your contract!

Once you’ve signed your contract, you can concentrate on your studies with no financial worries. Upon graduation, start looking for a great job in tech, and you’ll pay a percentage of your new income over a set number of years. 

It’s as easy as that — a new career without breaking the bank.

To find out more about our ISAs with StudentFinance, click the link below and talk to our team.

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