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Do you want to learn Python, one of the most used coding languages? You might be interested in Data Analytics and Machine Learning  and you have heard that Python is the language of the Data Scientist. And this is totally true. However, Python is a general purpose language and it is used as well  to develop software applications. If you are interested in software development we would not recommend you to start with Python. At Ubiqum we teach our students JavaSCript/MERN and Java as the programing languages to build the back end of an application web or mobile. If you are interested in Data Science, then  keep reading because you are at the right place to learn Python.

What is the best way to learn Python?

There are some “theoretical” pros for learning Python by yourself: you learn at your own pace, there are learning resources available online, and you can make the learning experience more personalized, to learn what you are most interested on learning. But does it really work? This is like the person who asks: Can I go from Barcelona to Moscow by walking? The answer is yes, but I would never recommend it, because the cons are much higher than the pros. Just keep in mind this figure, more than 90% of people who start a self taught course, drop out. Are you part of the 10% who stays? if you are not sure, do not take this way.

A lack of guidance, a lack of support and not having a comprehensive coding curriculum with clear skills, tasks and projects to practice are the downsides of being self-taught, particularly when you are just starting. This is why attending a coding bootcamp is a great way to learn to code and become a Data Scientist.

In our opinion, enrolling on Python bootcamp is a great way to learn Python, apply your knowledge of the language on real world projects and be well-prepared to land a job using Python;  you might want to consider joining a Python bootcamp.

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Join a Python bootcamp

One of the things that might feel a bit challenging about learning and using Python, is that it’s not always so clear how to get started with this language. At Ubiqum we teach Python in the context of real life Data Analytics and Machine Learning projects. Thus, you will not only learn the language but you will learn how to apply it in real life complex projects. Similar to those you will find in the job you aspire to.

In our Data Analytics and Machine Learning program you will learn how to use Python to prepare and preprocess a dataset using the most commonly used libraries by Data Scientist such as Pandas, Numpy, SciKit-Learn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn.

Python is the top 10 most in-demand-programming language in 2022

By enrolling on a Python bootcamp, you’ll witness the “real-world”  of Python, which is a huge motivation boost, by learning some of the most popular and sought-after libraries and frameworks.

When it comes to bootcamps teaching Python, the most popular ones are those offering programs on Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning. Python has become one of the favorite languages for scientific programming, data science and Machine Learning; and coding bootcamps are well aware of this.

If you have decided to advance your Python programming skills, and learn the best libraries for working with data, doing machine learning and visualizing your data; enroll on our Python bootcamp, and become a strong Python programmer and data scientists.

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