How to choose the best coding bootcamp for you

coding bootcamp

If you have been either considering learning to code to start a tech career, or you are already learning the basics of programming, but you are missing the structured learning of a good coding curriculum, and the guidance of mentors; then a coding bootcamp may be the right choice for you.

In a coding bootcamp, especially on a good one, you’ll get access to a specialized web development, data analytics or programming curriculum, as well as teachers, or better, dedicated mentors; and you’ll learn by doing, rather than being constantly tested.

The decision of attending a bootcamp to become a full-time developer is one that depends on many things. You can also learn on your own, but a coding bootcamp is a great way of mixing the best of self-learning with proper guidance, and the rate of employment after graduation is just impressive for some bootcamps.

But choosing which one to attend could be a bit hard. This is why we’ve outlined three steps to streamline this process.

Understand your own goals

One of the most common goals among those attending a coding bootcamp, is to learn the necessary skills and technologies to land their dream job in tech, which is actually a great reason, because in a bootcamp, you can get a position even before a year with the right motivation.

But there are other things you can determine to make it easier to narrow the decisions of which coding bootcamp to attend. For example, do you want to become a web development using React, MongoDB and Express? Do you want to learn Java development? Maybe you want to become a data analyst.

For others, it might be PHP, Node, Python and Django, UX/UI design. Either is fine, and if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want to do yet, that’s also fine, and you can choose one that gives you enough exposure to the whole world of programming.

Determine your limitations

We usually don’t like to talk about limitations. They make us think about not being able to do exactly what you would like to. But limitations are really not that bad. Knowing them is usually good to boost your creativity and help you find different solutions, and this also applies for programming.

In the case of determining the best coding bootcamp for you, one important limitation is how much money you have available.

A coding bootcamp might seem as expensive, but they are considerably cheaper than a full tuition in a college. Also, after the few months it takes to complete a good coding bootcamp, you should be landing you first developer job a few months after completion.

Also, many coding bootcamps offer a special plan to pay only half of the tuition fees, and the other half you’ll only pay it after getting a developer job. For others, you agree to pay a percentage of your future salary as a developer until the fees are paid.

Yet another limitation is where you can study. Maybe you already know exactly what bootcamp to attend, but they don’t have a campus on your city or country. Don’t worry, coding bootcamps are opening new campuses on many more cities in the worl., This wil make it easeier for you to either stay in your city, or travel not too far to fully immerse into the code. There are even great online options that you could also consider.

Choose the coding bootcamp that speaks to you

Probably the less conscious and most feelings drive factor to decide which coding bootcamp to attend to become a full-time programmer. But this is one not to be ignored, because, no matter what you are deciding, you probably want to feel good doing it.

There are many good coding bootcamps, and if you already have a good idea of what you want to do and learn, and you know exactly your limitations; then you can choose that bootcamp that actually makes you feel I want to be there.

Explore students’ stories, look at what you’ll be doing or how a day or week as a full-time or part-time developer student in a particular bootcamp is like.

For many students, Ubiqum Code Academy has proven to be the best option for them. Most graduates have been able to land a job as web developers and data analysts, with a great learning by doing methodology. Also, we count with campuses in some of the most important tech capitals in Europe.

Take these factors into consideration, and take the time. You’ll be able to take this decision, and you’ll probably not regret it.

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